Capcom announces a new addition to the Street Fighter V roster, but the news comes with a major caveat about the game’s planned DLC schedule.

After nearly thirty years, the Street Fighter franchise has built up a massive array of characters that could potentially show up in each new instalment — meaning that some fans are always going to be disappointed by omissions. Now, Street Fighter V is preparing to welcome a real fan favourite in the form of Ibuki.

Introduced in Street Fighter III, Ibuki is a female ninja who uses both her agility and her specialized training to gain an advantage over other combatants. Players know her as a tricky character to get to grips with, but one that’s capable of dominating performances when put in the right hands.

There had previously been rumblings of Ibuki making an appearance in Street Fighter V thanks to fans datamining the game’s code. The fact that a background asset had been created for the character added some weight to the theory she might join the game as DLC.

Her status as the next DLC character was confirmed yesterday in a blowout post on Capcom Unity, which delved into both her background and what players can expect from the character in Street Fighter V. However, it also came with some bad news for anyone expecting to play as Ibuki right away.

The closing stretch of the blog post published on Capcom Unity states the the game’s supplementary story mode is still scheduled to hit in June, but doesn’t make any claims as to when Ibuki will be released. However, the Japanese version of this announcement confirms that both will be added to the game at the same time.

Previously, Capcom had planned to release the first three DLC fighters ahead of the character-specific story mode. Alex was released in late March, then Guile followed in late April — but any hopes that a new character would be added in as a surprise before the end of May have now been scuppered.

Given that Street Fighter V has already been widely criticized for a lack of content, the fact that Capcom can’t stick to its DLC schedule is a big problem. The Ibuki announcement garnered some goodwill among fans, but it seems that this has already started to falter in response to the delay.

Capcom is clearly thinking long-term with its approach to Street Fighter V, but that won’t mean much if the company can’t win over its fans. Introducing a beloved character is a step in the right direction; delaying the stream of content being added to the game is not.

Street Fighter V is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Capcom Unity