Street Fighter X Tekken, despite being a crossover of two of the biggest fighting game franchises in history, has been met with more than its fair share of complaints and criticisms. Though, in reality, many of the complaints are directed at Capcom – rather than the game itself.

While Capcom has made a number of mistakes with Street Fighter X Tekken, it could be said that they didn’t completely ruin the game for everyone who still wanted to play it. At least, that’s what could have been said, before now.

As is common with many games in the current generation, Capcom released a patch for Street Fighter X Tekken with the intent to fix a few persistent bugs. However, in the process, they managed to add a much bigger glitch to the title – one that, essentially, breaks it to the point of being unplayable.

Anyone who downloads the 1.04 patch for their game should take this warning into consideration before playing: if a player uses Rolento and throws his knife, and if the knife collides with the opponent’s projectile, the entire game will freeze up completely. There is no way to unfreeze the game after this, save for turning off the system and starting over.

Below is a video showing the glitch in action. See for yourselves:


While the situation for the glitch to occur may seem relatively unlikely, anyone who has played a fighting game knows that battles can get heated very quickly. Strategy is typically abandoned for going with instinct and impulse, so an event like the one shown could easily pop up – especially for Rolento players. Regardless, to have a glitch arise that can completely prevent the player from continuing the game is a real problem – especially this far after release.

Without a doubt, the problem will not bode well for Capcom’s reputation among gamers – especially after all of the complaints regarding Street Fighter X Tekken‘s on-disc DLC. Capcom is a strong player in the current market, but they certainly can’t afford to keep disappointing gamers – as result, expect the publisher to act fast in fixing this mistake.

Street Fighter X Tekken is available now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Source: Shoryuken [via Kotaku]