'Street Fighter X Tekken' Final Four Characters Revealed

Street Fighter X Tekken Artwork Ogre

Next month one of the biggest crossovers in video games will take place in the form of Street Fighter X Tekken. Today we have the final four characters that were revealed by Capcom: from Street Fighter we have M. Bison and Akuma, and Jin and Orge from Tekken. PC owners can also join in on the fun when the game launches for PCs on March 11.

Street Fighter X Tekken has been generating a lot of buzz among fighting game enthusiasts in an already plentiful year, especially after last month's announcement of Mega Man and Pac Man as PS3 and Vita exclusives.

The reveal of the final four characters of the game will be sure to bring a smile to those who don't own a PS3. Then again, a lot of people weren’t smiling when Capcom announced they were using the "bad box art" version of Mega Man. Also, the reveal of M.Bison isn't much of a surprise since Capcom accidentally revealed both he and Ling Xiaoyu in a screenshot last month.

Speaking of screenshots, we have several of the new additions and some videos showing the four in action, including an epic showdown between Akuma and Orge. Check out the cinematic trailer below.


Many gamers who enjoy fighting games don't really play them for the story, since the genre has gradually become more about the competition. However, there has to be some explanation as to why these two franchises are crossing over, so Capcom has released a story trailer to set the stage.

Fans of Dan Hibiki might want to avert their eyes — then again they might be used to him taking a pounding. Check out the Street Fighter X Tekken story trailer below:


To round out the more cinematic videos, two new videos give a good idea of how the characters will handle themselves in actual gameplay. The four fighters are more than familiar to the existing fans, so it will be interesting to see how their next incarnations will be received. Have a look:



Last but certainly not least, the announcement brings with it a plethora of screenshots, not to mention some spectacular artwork for your viewing pleasure.

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Are you excited for these four characters joining the roster of Street Fighter X Tekken? Any other fighters that you would have liked to see make another appearance? Leave us your own choices in the comments.

Street Fighter X Tekken launches on March 6, 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360, and PC on March 11, 2012. A Vita launch date will be announced at a later time.


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