The producer for Street Fighter, Yoshinori Ono, reveals in a that he would like to see a brand new fighting game that pits Capcom’s characters against iconic Nintendo mascots.

Nowadays many fighting franchises have taken to incorporating guest characters in order to get attention from outside fans. Mortal Kombat X, for example, has its various horror mascots, while Killer Instinct has turned to Microsoft-owned characters like Rash and Arbiter. Of course, the king of crossovers in any genre (let alone fighting games) is Nintendo, as it has proven time and time again with its blockbuster Super Smash Bros. franchise. With that said, it sounds like one Capcom producer would like to build off of this formula with a Nintendo vs. Capcom game.

Yoshinoro Ono, the producer for the Street Fighter franchise, said as much during a recent interview with StreetPass UK. When being probed about which characters Ono would like to see added to Smash from Street Fighter, the producer was quick to point to Blanka – aside from the already included Ryu. When the tables were turned and Ono was asked about which Nintendo character he’d like to incorporated in his franchise, however, he explained that he’d rather see an entire game dedicated to such a premise.

“I think it takes a lot of work to get a character from a different series working in another one, so you know Mr. Sakurai did a lot of work getting, for example, Ryu to fit in with the Super Smash Bros. characters. I almost wouldn’t want to pick one and just go with just Street Fighter, I’d rather see something like Nintendo vs. Capcom be made as it make it specifically designed for those characters to work well.”

Super Smash Bros Roy Ryu Lucas DLC

Even though the translation is a little rough, the point that Ono is trying to make is pretty clear. Rather than having a single Nintendo character participate in Street Fighter, the premise of having all-star mascots from both brands square up is enough to warrant its own game. As many fans are well aware of already, this wouldn’t be the publisher’s first rodeo in regards to a crossover-centric fighting game like this.

Capcom has become pretty famous for its various ‘versus’ entries, with Marvel vs. Capcom easily being its most popular. While the licensing on that game has since expired – resulting in the game being pulled from digital storefronts on all platforms – a suitable replacement is direly needed. That said, a Nintendo vs. Capcom would almost certainly be locked to Nintendo hardware, and, with Capcom potentially working on games for NX hardware, there’s a chance that such a fighting game could happen.

Would you like to see Nintendo vs. Capcom? Which oddball characters do you think would fit well within the more traditional fighting game? Get at us in the comments below.

Source: StreetPass UK