Pop Culture Shock Collectibles announces that fans of the Street Fighter series can now own a premium Ken Masters statue – if they’re willing to shell out $500 for it.

Many have noticed that video game merchandise has become increasingly popular as titles have inched their way into the mainstream. Recently, Blizzard Entertainment’s spunky team-based shooter Overwatch received a second wave of Pop figures from toy company Funko, and shortly after, Funko released a line of Mass Effect: Andromeda figures as well. Amongst these relatively affordable merch items are bigger-ticket products that are usually higher in rarity and in quality. Joining this group is a piece of Street Fighter merchandise – and boy, does it come with a steep price-tag.

Toy company Pop Culture Shock Collectibles unveiled a new figurine for Street Fighter‘s Ken Masters, which fans can purchase for $500 USD. Created and introduced for the company’s Ultra Statue line of products, the exclusive statue stands just over two feet tall (25 inches) in a 1:4 scale. While the flamboyant deuteragonist Ken Masters shows off a variety of different costume colors, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles opted for the clean red gi seen in Street Fighter 4. It also features the “Street Fighter II brown gloves, as well as switch-out Alpha style portrait with ponytail [and] yellow gloves.” This figurine includes a fiery attachment that makes it look as though Ken is kicking a trail of fire.

Not only is the company offering this standard Ken Masters statue – which it calls the “classic exclusive with dragon flame accessory,” it is also selling a Violent Ken exclusive figure. Also priced at $500, the Violent Ken version features a dark maroon gi, black belt, purple flame dragon accessory, and a few notable physical changes. In this more sinister statue, Ken has sallow, grey-purple skin; light white-blonde hair; eerily pale eyes; and what appears to be smudged black eyeliner beneath his lower lids. Like the standard Ken figure, Violent Ken is a 1:4 scale and is 25 inches in height.

street fighter ken masters statue

For those hesitant to hand over that much cash for these pieces of upscaled Street Fighter merchandise may find a bit of comfort in Pop Culture Shock Collectibles’s third Ken Masters figure: the “Ultra Statue – PCS ‘Classic’ Exclusive.” At a very slightly lower price point (only a 10 percent drop), this figure is the same as the standard Ken statue, but it does not include the dragon flame accessory.

Any Street Fighter fan who does make a purchase can rest assured that they are receiving a “hand-crafted polystone figure” that comes bundled with a certificate of authenticity. Those keen to pick up a version of the pricey statue can pre-order at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles’s official website. But hurry, as the company explained the limited availability: “The combined Edition Size for both versions of the ‘Classic Exclusive’ is 300 units. The breakdown to be determined based on orders taken.” Additionally, the wait to receive the statue is set for at least a year, as its estimated ship date is between January and March 2018.

street fighter merch ken statue

While smart merchandising can play a key role in the success of a game – many argued that Bethesda’s branch-out approach influenced Fallout 4‘s sales and popularity – these premium Street Fighter statues may be a miss for the Capcom series. Between April and June 2016, Capcom’s sales plummeted, resulting in a $6.9 million loss. Additionally, in March of last year, Capcom experienced some more disappointment when Street Fighter 5 missed Capcom’s sales margin for that designated quarter by over 500,000 units.

However, despite previous letdowns, the series’ latest installment, Street Fighter 5, has been making headlines lately. It recently announced the newest addition to its roster in Kolin, and introduced a mod that would bring arcade mode to the game. Perhaps these slightly outlandish statues will bring some additional attention to the series, regardless of if people pick any up for themselves.

Street Fighter 5 is the most recent addition to the Street Fighter series. It was released on February 16, 2016 for PC and PS4.