Last year Street Fighter IV launched on the Apple app store and quickly became the best fighter on that platform. For fighting enthusiast with iOS devices this was a must have title, and the transition from fight-stick to touch screen seemed almost perfect except for one glaring omission – online play. Street Fighter IV Volt: Battle Protocol has changed all that, and Capcom is offering the game at a massive discount for a limited time.

In an attempt to bring in new fighters to the arena – and to pursuade those bought the original – Capcom is offering Street Fighter IV Volt for an introductory cost of $0.99. Some might wonder why Capcom made the odd decision to launch an awesome version of their flagship fighter at such a low price, and be warned, there is a catch.

This price is only for the first 24 hours, rising a dollar each day until it maxes out at $6.99. Needless to say, you should act sooner than later if you want to get this game for a low price.

Other than the low introductory cost, online play is the real main attraction of this title, as players now have the option of squaring off via Bluetooth or online across wi-fi. The game still offers the same great gameplay as the original and includes the same control customization allowing players to tailor the control layout to their liking.

Take a look at the players available and the action offered in the newest screenshots:

Not to put it too bluntly, but this is the version of Street Fighter IV iOS users have been waiting for. With the inclusion of online play there’s no doubt that  Street Fighter IV Volt: Battle Protocol will have many gamers glued to their iPhones throughout the holiday weekend.

One thing people should be aware of is that there currently isn’t an iPad version of this game, however the iPhone/iPod Touch version will work on the iPad.

Are you going to download SFIV Volt? Which of the new characters are you most looking forward to playing as on your iOS device? Leave us your choices in the comments, if you’re not already busy testing your skills against the uninitiated.

Source: Capcom Unity