Street Fighter: Guile's Theme Lyrics are Hilarious

Street Fighter Guile's Theme Lyrics

Over the years the Street Fighter franchise has made dozens of the contributions to the pop culture zeitgeist. Many may not be able to call out Ryu or Ken by name, for example, but they will certainly recognize the bandana-brandishing fighters.

Another key element from Street Fighter that has made the transition into more mainstream media is Guile’s Theme. Again, many may recognize the iconic tune, but we’d bet that only dedicated fans would be able to call it out as such.

Even so, Guile’s Theme has perforated the media world enough that many have used it as a form of parody, suggesting that the song works in any scenario. It doesn’t matter the original tone of the video, as long as Guile’s Theme is playing in the background then the uplifting message is clear.

Obviously, the use of Guile’s Theme is played for laughs, and by and the large the technique works. But, what if Guile’s Theme had lyrics? Would it be just as effective?

Well, the folks at Fox’s Animation Domination have set out to answer that very question. They’ve created an animated short that puts lyrics to Guile’s Theme that don’t just provide insight into the character’s backstory, they’re also pretty hilarious. Check Animation Domination’s video below:


Okay, so maybe the lyrics don’t exactly shed much light on the history of Guile, but they do focus on his curious character design. Specifically, the cartoon short calls to attention Guile’s need to enter battle without eyebrows.

Capcom’s choice of designing Guile without eyebrows likely had more to do with art limitations than anything else, but eventually the clean brow look became a part of his character. So much so, that someone made a song about his lack of eyebrows some 20 years later.

It’s funny to think that over the years Capcom has kept Guile eyebrow-less, but now there’s no turning back. And with Street Fighter 5 on the horizon – rumors point to a Spring 2016 release date – we expect to see four things from Guile: army fatigues, wide high top, no eyebrows, and that music. It really does go with everything.

Thus far, we’ve only seen small snippets of Street Fighter 5, but look for more details – most likely a big reveal at E3 2015 – in the coming months.

Do you think these should be the official lyrics to Guile’s Theme? Did you know that Guile’s Theme goes with everything?

Source: Capcom Unity

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