SDCC 2010: Two Versions of Street Fighter x Tekken in Development [Updated with Trailer!]

Street Fighter x Tekken

The Street Fighter IV panel at the San Diego Comic Con is something all fighting genre fans have been excited for. The wait is over and the panel did not disappoint. Tekken and Street Fighter producers took the stage and announced news that will rock the very foundation of fighting games world-wide. Street Fighter x Tekken exists and is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As rumored earlier this week there are two different version of Street Fighter x Tekken being developed, one by Capcom and the other by Namco. While the only version shows during the panel showed the Capcom version, featuring the 2.5D system used in Street Fighter IV, we can likely assume the Namco version will feature the Tekken style full 3D system.

A quote from the panel, provided by 1up:

""[Street Fighter Creator] Ono approached the producer behind Tekken with the idea since he heard he was a SF fan. We've known each other because of the industry but never had a chance to try something like this before."

And this is why fighting games are just beginning to make a true comeback. Their creators are passionate about bringing new and exciting ideas to fans, simply because that's what we want.

Other big announcements from the panel include Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition's announcement, you can expect that sometime in the future. There was also discussion about new Super Street Fighter IV costumes including a suit that makes Rufus look like a blueberry and a royal cape for Blanka. Finally, while there was no announcement pertaining to a new Darkstalkers game, Street Fighter creator Ono asked the attendants if that's what they wanted. He then had the entire room each take out a dollar bill, which he took a picture of and said he'd send it to Capcom.

We'll make sure and add the trailers shown at the panel as soon as they're available online. Excited for some Street Fighter x Tekken action, Ranters? Astonished that it's finally happening?

Source: 1UP

[Update: Check out the sweet new trailer!]


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