Street Fighter 5 Brings Back Vega in New Trailer & Screenshots

By | 1 year ago 

While Mortal Kombat X has staked its claim as the de-facto fighting game release for right now, its title will likely be short lived come 2016. That’s when Capcom will finally release Street Fighter 5 exclusively for the PS4 and PC, and across all countries at the same time.

Street Fighter 5’s release has been a long time coming, as Capcom chose not to follow-up SF 4 with a new, numbered release but a series of enhanced packages including DLC packs and Ultra Street Fighter 4. However, the publisher and developer is taking a new route, and giving Street Fighter 5 all of the attention it needs, and none of the repackaged re-releases that fans hate.

Still, Capcom is getting a bit ahead of itself with talk of future Street Fighter 5 content, especially considering it hasn’t even announced a full roster yet. So far, we’ve only seen a handful of fighters (both old and new) added to the mix, and today Capcom has unveiled a new roster addition in Spanish ninja Vega.

Unlike Necalli, who is a completely new creation for Street Fighter 5, Vega joins Capcom’s fighting game with a long history. The character first hit the scene in Street Fighter 2 as a boss character, but eventually became playable in SF 2: Champion Edition, along with Balrog, M. Bison, and Sagat. Coincidentally, Vega is actually known as Balrog in Japan, and the boxer we know as Balrog is called M. Bison.

As seen in the trailer above and the screenshots below, Vega enters Street Fighter 5 with two fighting styles in tow. One style uses his signature claw to do quick damage from a slight distance, while the other trades the claw for command grabs and “new attack properties.” Vega’s V-Trigger is called the “Bloody Kiss” and plays upon his signature rose throw from the character’s post-match celebration. However, instead of tossing the rose out in celebration, Vega uses it as a distraction, allowing him to get in close for a deadly series of attacks.

Street Fighter 5 fans eager to see more of Vega can go hands-on with him and new fighter Necalli at the Sony booth at Gamescom 2015. However, if you can’t make the trip out to Cologne, Germany we bet that Vega will be featured in one of the three Street Fighter 5 beta tests Capcom has planned for the next few months. The first beta test, as most know, didn’t go so well – so bad, in fact, that Capcom had to cancel the test outright – but eventually they will get things working fine.

What do you think of Vega’s design and move set for Street Fighter 5? Who is the next fighter you want to see added to the game?

Street Fighter 5 releases Spring 2016 for PC and PS4.