Street Fighter 5 Adding Vega's Stage

street fighter 5 adds vega stage

No game company is immune to the pull of nostalgia. Today, Capcom announced that it will bring back a classic stage from Street Fighter 2 and add it to the Street Fighter 5 mix. Vega's cage is making a comeback.

An updated version of the cage, which nabs a modern look and a new name, will be available as downloadable content for Street Fighter 5. Now called Flamenco Tavern, the gameplay stage comes out on May 30, alongside a handful of other features and technical tweaks. Flamenco Tavern will run players $3.99 USD, or 70,000 Fight Money, Street Fighter 5's in-game currency.

street fighter 2 vega

In addition to the spruced-up stage, Street Fighter 5 players can get their hands on the game's Thailand stage. After it was pulled due to "unintentional religious references" found within its background music, Capcom is re-releasing the stage on May 30. The new Thailand stage will feature updated music, and costs $3.99 USD / 70,000 Fight Money.

If the new-and-improved stages aren't enough, Street Fighter 5 is also introducing its latest character, Ed. First appearing in Street Fighter 4, Ed was plucked from the streets by the evil Shadaloo villain Balrog, who soon took him under his wing for less-than-kind purposes.

Ed was originally portrayed as a spare body for M. Bison, and went without a name. Thus far in Street Fighter 5, Ed has been seen in the story mode as Balrog’s protégé. He'll be available as a playable character -- with a totally new look -- on May 30. However, he costs a bit more than the stages: Ed runs for $5.99 USD /100,000 Fight Money.

street fighter 5 ed new look

For all the Capcom Fighters Network users out there, next week will see an update on this front as well. Improvements will affect Street Fighter 5's penalty system, loading times, matchmaking capabilities, and buddy management system. Of course, there will be plenty more to look forward to when the CFN update rolls out. And even before then, Capcom has promised to gift 50,000 Fight Money to players who sign into CFN between May 30 and June 13. Perhaps Street Fighter 5 fans can put this newfound cash toward the purchase of the Flamenco Tavern.

With a plethora of juicy new DLC hitting Street Fighter 5 within the next few days, it certainly seems Capcom is keeping up with players' desire for fresh content and game updates, the type of support that's been estimated to last until 2020.

Street Fighter 5 is out now for PC and PS4.

Source: Eurogamer

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