Capcom announces that the Street Fighter 5 March update will introduce Alex, while the game’s premium currency store has been delayed for testing and optimization.

One of the most talked about features of Street Fighter 5 is its DLC model. Instead of following the path of previous Street Fighter titles – which saw entirely new versions released complete with additional characters – Street Fighter 5 will be the only version of the game and all of its future content will be available to purchase within the game itself. Players will be able to buy things such as new fighters by spending Fight Money (a currency that’s earned through naturally playing the game) or premium currency Zenny – the latter of which can be purchased with real money.

The Zenny store was not available in Street Fighter 5 at launch, though it was expected to make its debut not long after the game’s February release. However, fans of the fighting game will have to wait even longer as Capcom has now delayed the Zenny shop and it will not launch with the Street Fighter 5 March update as many had hoped. “After much review,” explains a Capcom Unity blog post, Capcom has “decided it is not ready to launch just yet”. The company also explains that as Zenny is purchased with real money, it wanted to be “extra careful and make sure it’s fully tested and optimized before launching it”.

Instead, the Street Fighter 5 March update will introduce ‘Demonstrations’ in Challenge Mode, allowing players to “learn the ins and outs” of the game and there will also be ‘Trials’ which will let players test out combos and earn some more Fight Money in the process. The new additions should also help players master the Street Fighter 5 basics. Moreover, the Street Fighter 5 team is adding an online rematch option (allowing for best of three matchups in ranked play) and there will be eight player lobbies (with spectating). These features will be added on March 28.

On March 30, new fighter Alex will also be added to the game. However, Capcom realizes that those without enough Fight Money (and who are unable to buy Zenny) won’t be able to buy the character and so Alex will instead be available as a free trial. Any other characters added to Street Fighter 5 before the Zenny shop will also be available on a free trial basis, explains Capcom, with the trial ending as soon as the Zenny shop goes live.

Understandably, some fans aren’t happy about the Zenny shop’s delay, saying that it further proves that Street Fighter 5 is an unfinished game that should not have been released so soon. The game’s incredibly short story mode has been one cause of backlash already and the fact that the Zenny shop, something that is integral to Street Fighter 5’s DLC model, has also been pushed back is only seeing criticism of the game being voiced even louder.

Source: Capcom Unity