Capcom releases a new trailer for Street Fighter 5 that features the cast brawling it out with the villainous M.Bison and showcases the newcomer characters.

With just one week remaining until the next instalment of Capcom’s popular Street Fighter series hits the stores, the company has released a full-length CG trailer for the game. The trailer shows off all the currently revealed cast members available at launch and makes a few hints to the addition of Evil Ryu.

The video focuses on M.Bison as he walks through a set of doors, donning his trademark red hat and grinning menacingly at the challengers that await him. Meanwhile the other members of the Street Fighter 5 cast sense and prepare for the notorious villain’s arrival. During the ensuing fight, set to an impressive soundtrack, various characters show off some of their abilities such as Nash’s teleportation allowing him to go head-to-head with Bison’s fierce Psycho powers.

Throughout the video, we see Ryu explode into several fits of rage, the last of which causes the fighter to erupt with energy while his eyes turn red. This is more than likely intended as a hint towards the return of Evil Ryu either at some point in the future or as a secret boss character hidden in the game. The trailer ends with a revolving shot of newcomer Necalli, who is shown as an extremely powerful foe in the trailer. Popular opinion at the moment seems to dictate that this wild-haired individual will be the game’s final boss at the end of the story mode, but Capcom have not revealed whether this is true.

Evil Ryu

No matter what, fans will likely get a closer look at the character’s backstory in the June update that brings with it a dedicated Street Fighter 5 cinematic story mode. Due to a large expected number of newcomers to the franchise, Capcom is also reportedly making sure to introduce each fighter in their own character story modes that will be available at launch. Players can also expect several other game modes in Street Fighter 5 at launch.

Since the release of Street Fighter 4 in 2008, updates to the base game have helped the series lead the way as one of the most dominant fighting games in the market. Now 8 years later, Capcom hopes that their new project will stick around just as long and aim to keep players interested by releasing new characters every month for at least the first 6 months. Hopefully this means that the company is choosing to abandon its previous model of releasing an updated version of the game as a new disk every few years.

Street Fighter V is scheduled for launch on PlayStation 4 and PC starting February 16, 2016. The title will support cross-platform play.