Street Fighter 5 Adds Classic Stage as DLC


Veteran fighting game fans who are currently enjoying Capcom's Street Fighter 5 on PC and PlayStation 4 will surely be happy to learn that the developer is set to add the classic Thailand stage from Street Fighter 2 into the fifth installment in the franchise as premium DLC. Of course, in order to bring the stage up to modern graphical standards, Capcom has updated the look of the level somewhat by remastering its intricate bell and statues, as well as its memorable theme music.

According to Capcom, the developer said it had explored making a night time version of the stage for Street Fighter 5, which would have been lit with candles and taken place underneath a full moon, but instead, the studio decided to stick to the original stage. So, for those who wish to revisit Thailand and attempt to give M. Bison a thrashing in the latest installment in the series for old times' sake, they can do so when the Thailand stage comes out on April 25, 2017 after paying $4 for it.


Taking all of this fresh DLC into account, it definitely looks like Capcom is following through on its promises to keep Street Fighter 5 flush with DLC for a while. As a matter of fact, fans should expect to come across even more downloadable items in the future as the fighting game's post-launch support could last well into 2020.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Capcom Unity

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