Yoshinori Ono, Capcom’s king of all things Street Fighter, took to the stage at today’s PlayStation Experience press conference with a surprise. A surprise that actually hasn’t been leaked yet, to boot! Today Ono revealed the final Street Fighter V character to join the day-1 roster.  Introducing F.A.N.G., a lanky, slippery character with a purple outfit, wide-brimmed hat and dark glasses. F.A.N.G.’s addition will bring the launch roster to 16 full characters.

F.A.N.G., like all of the other characters in Street Fighter V, has his own unique color associated with their V-Arts. F.A.N.G. is covered in glorious purple, and to go along with his stylish violets his powers are described as “poisonous.” Let’s just hope we’re not seeing the addition of damage-over-time abilities, right? We think everyone can agree that his best ability is his knock-up combo into a flapping, flying bird attack. Is that related to poison? Not at all, but F.A.N.G. don’t care.

F.A.N.G. is also just one of four entirely new characters in Street Fighter V. Other new characters include Brazilian fighter Laura, the Aztec animal Necalli, and Middle Eastern wind-bender Rashid. The worldliness of Street Fighter V is certainly something Capcom prioritized heavily.

But while the F.A.N.G. announcement is great, Capcom and Ono wasn’t content to just leave things there. Unfortunately the rest of his announcement was leaked, though there was never much of a surprise intended considering the teasers they’d already put out. The reveal of course were the six DLC characters to be released in Street Fighter V‘s first downloadable pack. Keep in mind that all of these characters can be unlocked for free just by playing the game.

As rumored, the first six DLC characters will be:

  • Alex
  • Guile
  • Balrog
  • Ibuki
  • Juri
  • Urien

Going hand in hand with the reveal is the launch of Street Fighter V‘s Season Pass pre-order. While each character can be unlocked for free, those who’d rather just have access straight away can pick up the Season Pass for $29.99. The Season Pass will also include a premium costume for each character. With the costumes, it’s about $30 in savings. Without the costumes, it’s about $5-$10 in savings compared to buying each character individually.

Street Fighter V‘s release date is February 16, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.