Street Fighter 5 Sales Plummet Between May and September

Street Fighter 5 New Characters

Capcom reports that Street Fighter 5 has sold just 1.4 million copies since its February launch, meaning that the game has sold less than 100,000 units between May and September.

In May, Capcom revealed the Street Fighter 5's sales had missed their target by a huge margin. The company had expected the highly anticipated game, which was released on PC and PS4 in February, to shift 2 million units during its launch window but it only 1.4 million copies had been sold.

The game's low sales were mostly attributed to its astonishingly poor reception. While some called Street Fighter 5 'unfinished,' citing a lack of content, others took issue with the game's sever problems and multiplayer, which, for a while, didn't feature a punishment for rage quitting.

Unfortunately for Capcom, it seems that the game is still unable to shake its bad reputation. In the latest sales update for the title, Capcom says that just 1.4 million copies of Street Fighter 5 have been sold since launch, meaning that, between May and September 30, less than 100,000 units have been sold. Capcom has assured fans that it is 'working hard' to address the game's lack of content and has now added the Street Fighter 5 story mode, along with new characters, but this clearly has not been enough.

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To get the game's sales back on track, some fans have suggested that Capcom release a 'Super' or 'Ultra' version of the game in order to boost sales. However, this would go against the previous promise made that gamers wouldn't need to buy another version of the game to access all of the planned content.

Another obvious way forward is to release the game on Xbox One as the fact that Street Fighter 5 was a PS4 console exclusive doesn't appear to have done the title any favors. Again, this would see Capcom going back on its word as an Xbox release was completely ruled out, but perhaps the company will revisit this as a last resort.

Additionally, Capcom could release some of the game's DLC (e.g new characters) for free. While its digital revenues may take a hit, the allure of freebies may just win over some gamers who were on the fence about the title, as well as hardcore fans who were put off by the game's initial issues.

Ultimately, Capcom needs to do something, whatever form its action takes. The success of competitive games such as Street Fighter 5 depends on an influx of new players to keep skill levels fair for all types of competitors. Without this, players will be reluctant to test their mettle, resulting in an overall drop in active players. That would be disastrous for the game and Capcom's profits, so what the company does to fix this will be interesting.

Source: Eurogamer

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