Street Fighter 5 Full Roster Leak Reveals Three New Characters

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The Street Fighter V beta has been data-mined and three previously unannounced characters have been revealed, though only one of them is a familiar face.

Betas givith and betas taketh away. The internet has slipped its claws into the ongoing Street Fighter V PC beta, data-mining all of those juicy unannounced details from the game’s hidden code.  Specifically, data-miners have been able to uncover the complete Street Fighter V roster. Previously said to be limited to 16, the now revealed roster appears to include 17 individual fighters. As the count currently stands at 14 officially unveiled characters, that means there have been three more discovered.

Secret door number one hides everyone’s favorite stretchy Indian yogi, Dhalsim. It just wouldn’t be Street Fighter without that man’s crazy legs stirring up the meta, would it? Secret door number 2 and 3 hide something of a different sort, however. They’re both new characters or at least previously unknown characters. We’re hesitant to call them both new roster additions as it’s likely that one of them is the game’s boss. Their names shall remain a secret as all we have to go by are their three-letter tags, “FAN” and “TUT.”

That either Fan or Tut will be Street Fighter V‘s final boss gives a consistency to Capcom’s previously announced roster cap of 16 characters. It also seems like Fan’s model is composed of a significantly higher number of structures within its model rigging. The reasons for this could vary, but fan speculation is that Fan could be a boss with many appendages or  some other equally complicated design. Both Tut and Fan, it should be noted, have full story animations. So even if Tut or Fan are Street Fighter V‘s boss, they’ll also be fully playable and have a story of their own. Of course, this could be entirely wrong and they’re simply both new characters on a 17-man roster.

Street Fighter IV's Dhalsim

The data-mining doesn’t end there! In addition to the full launch roster, additional files related to backgrounds are creating speculation regarding future downloadable characters. Whereas the launch roster details are impossible to take the wrong way, as they’re files directly related to playable characters within the game, these additional data-mined details are to be treated as rumor. That said, who can be content with just three new roster additions, right? Let’s bring on the juicy rumors.

Three characters were discovered in background character assets. That means that they’re likely just hanging out in the background of a stage, or perhaps implies plans to release them as full characters later on. Those three characters include: Juri, Ibuki, and Alex. Alex, at least, was already confirmed as being included in the “City in Chaos” stage, where he hangs out in the background with his arms crossed. That lends credence to the idea that these three are all just background characters and this is no indication that they’ll later be added to the roster.

The current Street Fighter V roster as it stands is as follows, with today’s data-mined additions highlighted at the end of the list:

* New Characters

With a roster of 16 launch characters and one likely unlockable boss character, our picture of what will be available at launch for Street Fighter V is nearing completion. Perhaps the most striking detail to come out of today’s leaks isn’t who has been added, but who will be absent from the roster. Street Fighter mainstays including Akuma, Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, Balrog (Boxer) and Sagat are all missing. None of Street Fighter IV‘s original characters or big additions have made the jump to Street Fighter V.

At first it’s staggering how many characters are absent from the roster, but it’s very important to note that Street Fighter IV also launched with a roster of 17 if you include boss Seth. However if players look at Street Fighter IV‘s roster now, they will see that the difference in size is staggering, and with Capcom already stating that they’re prioritizing post-launch character DLC for free, one can imagine the roster size will explode over the first few years post-launch.

How does everyone feel about the roster of Street Fighter V as it stands? Which omission is most surprising to you?

Street Fighter V will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2016.

Source: NeoGAF User Xpliskin