Street Fighter 5 Review Round-up

Street Fighter 5 Review Roundup

After numerous revamps and remastered editions, Capcom has finally moved on from Street Fighter 4. Street Fighter 5 is less than 24 hours away from release and fans are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the first current-gen release in the series.

But, for those who might be on the fence about Street Fighter 5, either because of the DLC plans or simply because they've been burned by $60 fighting game purchases in the past, reviews have hit the Internet a day early. So, what are critics saying about Street Fighter 5? Does it live up to the hype? Read some choice quotes from major publications around the Net below:

Games Radar+ (David Houghton)

"Being brutally honest, your mileage with it – during the early phase of its life at least – will vary greatly depending on the availability of fight-ready friends in your immediate vicinity. Its pleasures are great and many, but for all of their eagerness to please, you’ll really need to explore them shoulder-to-shoulder with others. That, of course, is why the heart of any great fighting game truly beats, and Street Fighter 5’s beats as hard and loud as that of any you care to mention. As such, it would be a real shame if the curious new players it has so much to offer were turned off by its limited early content."

Score: 4.5/5

GamesBeat (Stephen Kleckner)

"If you’re into Street Fighter, chances are you already have Street Fighter V preordered, and you’re here to see if I validate your opinions on the game (or you want to invalidate mine). If you’re going to stick with Street Fighter V, I think that’s a good decision. If you’re thinking of skipping it, you’re going to miss out on something enjoyable."

Score: 90/100

Street Fighter V Zangeif Hug

The Sixth Axis (Dave Irwin)

"Even as a person whose grasp of fighting games is nowhere near top-tier standard, Street Fighter V is the most fun I’ve had in a fighting game in years. It’s a bold choice by Capcom to make this an expanding platform rather than a simpler game release, and it means that while it’s light on content, you have to appraise its stability, core combat and look to its true form in the future. Based on the strength of the gameplay and performance, Street Fighter V is a sublime fighting game and shows that this old dog still has some new tricks."

Score: 9/10

EGM (Mollie Patterson)

"Street Fighter V paves the way for the future of Capcom’s legendary fighting game series—but it’s also a release that’s relying on near-future updates in order to feel like a finished product. Once they come, however, this should really be something special."

Score: 8.0/10.0

Destructoid (Chris Carter)

"In many ways Street Fighter V is unfinished, but as a platform, it has strong legs. If Capcom sticks to its word, this could have just as long of a lifespan as IV, if not more."

Score: 8/10

Street Fighter 5 Ryu screenshot

IGN (Vince Ingenito)

"It’s hard to criticize something that seems like it was tailor-made for a wannabe competitive player like me, but I just can’t ignore how little Street Fighter 5 does for the average fighting game player. It sports a wonderful, diverse cast of characters, places a clear emphasis on strong fundamental play, it gives competitive players a great online experience, and it does it all while looking gorgeous. Strictly in terms of mechanics and competitive features, Street Fighter 5 is just about peerless, but it has quite a ways to go before it stacks up against other fighting games - including its own predecessor - in terms of overall content."

Score: 8.0/10.0

Shacknews (Ozzie Mejia)

"Street Fighter V feels like it could be an incredible fighting game in the summer, filled with robust content and numerous game modes for both single-player and online multiplayer. But Street Fighter V isn't coming out this summer. It's coming out in February. The fact that a handful of game modes and features aren't ready for consumer use feels frustrating, especially since the quality of those inclusions can't be judged until they make it into the game. Battle Lounges, Online Lobbies, and Spectator modes could be awesome, but right now, nobody can say for sure. Thankfully, new features are coming down the line and whatever else is released afterwards can be earned through in-game currency, which is a welcome change from the past."

Score: 7/10

Ultimately, Street Fighter 5's reviews scores were positive, with most praising Capcom for the core mechanics of the game and its rosters. However, most critics also agree that what Capcom put out this week is only one small part of the finished product. In a sense, Street Fighter 5 right now is the platform on which the actual fighting game experience will be built. It's clearly important for fans to know that going in, especially since this is a $60 retail product.

Then again, this is Street Fighter we're talking about and the proposition of a new game is going to be hard to pass up for fans. Say what you will about Capcom's decisions with censorship or how they are using in-game currency to offer cosmetic items, the core experience in Street Fighter always tends to draw a crowd.

Street Fighter 5 releases February 16, 2016 for PC and PS4.

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