Street Fighter 5 Unveils New Character Rashid

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As Street Fighter 5 gears up for its full release in March 2016, Capcom has been sating fans’ thirst for information with a steady drip feed of character reveals. Last month Rainbow Mika (R. Mika) joined the game, with fans having plenty to say about her grappling combat as well her huge damage-dealing pep talk. Other characters include Spanish ninja Vega, whose mask and Wolverine-like claws are sure to strike fear in opponents, and Birdie, who has made headlines for that fatal booger flick.

With fan-favorite characters and new faces alike, the Street Fighter 5 character roster is shaping up nicely and with the help of the beta, many fans are already planning out lethal combos and gameplay tactics. However, Capcom isn’t quite done with character reveals just yet, as Street Fighter brand director Matt Dahlgren recently described the roster discussion as “intense.” He also stated that three brand new characters would also be available in the game at launch, joining new boy Necalli and his wild hair.

Making good on Dahlgren’s promise, Capcom has now lifted the lid on one new Street Fighter 5 character. At the Games15 event in Dubai, Capcom introduced ‘Rashid’, a Middle Eastern man who can control the wind. Rashid even describes himself as being of “the turbulent wind”, encouraging his opponents to “remember the name well”.

In the above video, viewers can see that Rashid is an incredibly acrobatic fighter and that his mechanics, when mastered, can be absolutely devastating. For example, Rashid is able to conjure a small tornado, which, in addition to just being a good distraction, can also be a damage dealer if the new character pushes opponents into it. There are smaller instances of this too (at 0:25 in the trailer) where Rashid knocks Ryu up into the air, before putting a tornado underneath him which inflicts more damage when Ryu lands.

Additionally, Rashid can become somewhat of a living tornado himself. At one point in the trailer Rashid spins quickly buffeting Ryu as he fails to avoid it. But this smaller example doesn’t compare to Rashid’s full-screen attack, in which he conjures a huge swirl of wind which then surrounds him and attacks Ryu.

The gameplay trailer also shows viewers how Rashid will be able to handle himself even when he’s on the defense. In one scene, Rashid is able to avoid Ryu’s hadouken with an incredibly quick and nimble roll followed by a swift kick to the chops. With Ryu being so popular, moves like that could cause some serious problems for a lot of Street Fighter 5 players, so it will be interesting to see how the game’s huge player base adapts to the newcomer. We also can’t wait to see what other new fighters Capcom adds to the roster.

Street Fighter 5 arrives for PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.

Source: All Games Beta