Street Fighter 5 Set to Feature a Returning R. Mika

Street Fighter 5 R Mika


Technical fighting game fans the world over are anxious to finally get their hands on Street Fighter 5 later next year, especially since initial server issues have prevented the planned beta from functioning in a steady and worthwhile capacity. Still, many are aware that this test period is what the purpose of an early access beta is for, and anticipation has remained steadfast at a fever pitch.

One of the most interesting aspects of any fighting game, however, is always the roster. Gamers are understandably eager to see which combatants they'll be able to take control of once any fighting game launches, and Street Fighter 5 is no exception to that rule. While playable fighters have slowly been revealed by Capcom, the company has now revealed that the fan-favorite Rainbow Mika will be making her long awaited return to the SF franchise.

Capcom took the liberty of revealing the acrobatic brawler, R. Mika, just in time for PAX Prime in Seattle. Even better news for those in attendance is the fact that the returning character is playable on the show floor, so fans of the franchise can try her out firsthand to see if her highly anticipated return was worth the wait. The flamboyant luchador will also be accompanied by the nine other fighters revealed thus far for the demo – including the newcomer Necalli – so there's no shortage of foes for Rainbow to pummel.

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As many will have noticed, R. Mika comes with a number of appropriate moves given her wrestling background. Building off of this is the inclusion of her partner Yamato Nadeshiko, who she will tag in from time to time to help her lay the smackdown on unsuspecting challengers. The character's V-Trigger ability is what will activate the tag-team component, although the rules of this fictitious "tournament" seem to be a little loose if it allows for brief instances of two against one.

Jokes aside, many fans may not be all that surprised to see the return of R. Mika, thanks to alleged leaks that emerged not all that long ago. Despite this, seeing the brawler rendered in the now trademark aesthetic of Street Fighter 5 is something that few longtime fans will be disgruntled by, and it doesn't appear that Capcom will be slowing down character reveals at all as the game builds towards its release next March. With that in mind, stay tuned to Game Rant for any and all updates pertaining to Street Fighter 5 and its ever-growing roster.

What do you think about the return of R. Mika in Street Fighter 5? Is there a character you're still waiting to see join the fray? Get at us in the comments.

Street Fighter 5 arrives for PlayStation 4 and PC at some point in March 2016.

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