'Street Fighter V' Will Always Be PS4 Exclusive; Supports Cross-Platform Play With PC

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After a new game is prematurely revealed before its official announcement, it then becomes difficult for its developer and publisher to announce it in an exciting way. Everyone will play coy and have a bit of fun with the leak, but the pure, first wave of excitement is deflated, regardless.

The game that just experienced with situation was Street Fighter V, which had its first teaser trailer leaked earlier this week. At the PlayStation Experience today, PlayStation's Adam Boyes had a bit of fun with the game's reveal following the announcement that Ultra Street Fighter IV would be coming to PS4 next year. Some time later in the show, however, Boyes brought out Capcom's Yoshinori Ono, and the pair officially unveiled Street Fighter V, complete with the previously eaked documentary-style trailer and the first ever gameplay trailer (see above).

Interestingly enough, Street Fighter V will be a console-exclusive for the PS4, as well as a PC release. This fact was emphasized on stage where it was stated that the game will forever be exclusive on consoles to the PlayStation 4. Still, what's to say that the inevitable Super Street Fighter V (or whatever it'll be called) doesn't find its way to Xbox One?


Regardless of how you feel about the long-running series, SFV being a PS4 only title is a huge get for Sony. And should they actually manage to pull off PS4-to-PC cross-platform play (and well), it'll be another achievement for the company and the top-selling system.Capcom, over at Capcom-Unity, explained that the PS4-PC team up was only possible because of Sony:

"What’s even bigger news is that our partnership with Sony will result in SFV having cross-platform play, which will in turn unite our Street Fighter fans into one grand player base. That’s right; PS4 owners will now be able to lay the smack down against PC owners and vice-versa, a first for the Street Fighter series!"

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Alongside the short gameplay trailer (featuring Chun-Li and Ryu) Ono also announced that, come December 13, 2014, the first ever live match in Street Fighter V will be held at Capcom Cup - an Ultra SFIV tournament, where the top 16 Street Fighter players fight it out for the grand prize and the title of Champion. What better place to show off the entry in the series than a Capcom-hosted Street Fighter tournament?

Release dates for both Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 and Street Fighter V have yet to be announced (or even finalized, most likely), but expect both titles to release sometime next year.

Sources: Sony , Capcom

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