Capcom reveals the official opening cinematic for Street Fighter V, alongside the announcement of the game’s third beta testing period, available soon.

Following yesterday’s Capcom Cup Grand Finals, Capcom made a special presentation, unveiling the opening cinematic for the upcoming Street Fighter V. The event took place at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco on the 6th of December.

The cinematic opens with several of the Street Fighter V‘s playable characters, facing off against each other as well as the villainous M.Bison and newcomer Necalli. Presumably, the opening revealed will be the one inserted into the final game, though that does mean that the entire roster (besides any secret characters), has been unveiled already.

Following the trailer’s reveal, producer Yoshinori Ono announced that the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour will begin on March 18 next year, featuring Street Fighter V as the tour’s official game. Players will have to adapt to the game’s new mechanics and play styles fast in order to compete as the tour begins only a month after the new game’s release date. The pro tour will have a $500,000 prize pool and has the finals scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

This year’s Capcom Cup concluded 2015’s Pro Tour, which saw thousands of players battle for the title of Street Fighter World Champion. This is presumably the last year that will make use of the current Street Fighter title: Ultra Street Fighter IV. For those who missed the tournament, the results of the Capcom Cup are available on

Street Fighter 5 Adds F.A.N.G. to the Roster

Over the course of the weekend, Capcom rolled out several new Street Fighter announcements, one of note being the reveal of F.A.N.G , a brand new character coming to the SFV roster. The character is second-in-command in M.Bison’s organization Shadaloo and uses a variety of poison-laced attacks to deal with his enemies. F.A.N.G’s V-Skill throws a poison dart which does slow damage on hit and his V-Trigger unleashes a poisonous cloud that surrounds his body and harms all who approach him.

Another exciting announcement revealed is the news that the third Street Fighter V beta will be coming sooner than expected. Players will be able to access a trial of the fightin game once again on December 18th and lasting until the 20th. With Street Fighter V having had 2 separate beta tests now, excitement levels are high for the next title in the popular fighting game franchise, despite the game’s connection issues in beta.

Problems with the first beta testing period were so severe that Capcom was forced the pull the servers down early. The second beta event aimed to test out the game’s cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC versions but players reportedly struggled to find any matches whatsoever. Hopefully the game’s essential multiplayer functions will perform better upon the game’s release next year.

Street Fighter V will be released on February 16 for PlayStation 4 and PC. It will not be made available on Xbox One, reportedly due to the platform’s unwillingness to accept cross-platform play.