One of the more interesting fighting games on the horizon is almost certainly Street Fighter 5. The game itself is set to be a console exclusive for PlayStation 4, which is already a bizarre twist in the eyes of many gamers, while the title’s plan for downloadable content could have super fans unlocking and earning all of it for free. It’s certainly an odd approach for such a prestigious franchise, and now hopeful players have gotten their first look at a brand-new fighter debuting in the game’s roster.

Shown off during the annual fighting game tournament EVO, Capcom finally pulled the curtain off of its newest playable addition to Street Fighter 5 in the form of Necalli. Toting flowing dreadlocks and attacks that are reminiscent of a wild man, this Tarzan-wannabe looks like a rather peculiar (and wholly original) addition to the series.

While the brief trailer and screenshots are all that gamers have to go on for the time being, some keen-eyed fans may recall that Necalli was actually first teased in Ken’s reveal trailer. While the origins of the newfound character aren’t all that clear right now, it’s obvious that the fighter likes to get up close and personal with his opponents with a barrage of close range attacks. Evidently, these moves are just as deadly as they are quick to execute, which could make Necalli a favorite amongst hardcore players.

Capcom opted to reveal some of the nitty-gritty on the newest character’s arsenal of attacks in its press release, which also provided a few details on how the character will play.

“Possessing a wide variety of savage and close range attacks, all of Necalli’s moves have been forged through the heat of battle to ensure he’s inflicting maximum pain upon his opponents. Making full use of the Battle System mechanics, Necalli’s V-Skill allows him to pound the ground with both fists, creating an explosion that damages the enemy whereas the powerful V-Trigger allows him to channel a mysterious energy that changes his hair colour and alters his personality for a short period of time. Capcom will be revealing more information on Necalli’s origin and storyline in the coming months so stay tuned for more details.”

Street Fighter 5 Necalli Trailer

Necalli does look like a rather interesting addition to the Street Fighter series, as he rounds out the first of four new fighters set to debut in Street Fighter 5. All in all, 16 characters are set to ship with the game next year, and the known roster is currently sitting at 8 playable fighters, which means that some classic characters are unlikely to be featured in the game from the get-go – provided that reports on four leaked characters are true.

What do you think of Necalli? Are you looking forward to trying him out in Street Fighter 5? Get at us in the comments.

Street Fighter 5 is set to release for PC and PlayStation 4 in March 2016.