After chopping character animations deemed offensive, a bored modder brings back the buttslap and crotch-shot that Capcom didn’t want to include in Street Fighter 5.

The Street Fighter franchise has made a name for itself by padding its roster with oddball, out-there characters. Whether its the booger-flicking Birdie or the limb-stretching yogi Dhalsim, fans have come to expect weirdness from the long running fighting game series. Thus, fans were excited to see that peppy wrestler R. Mika and the lethal, pants-less Cammy would be returning in the highly anticipated Street Fighter V, with neither character seeming out of place among the other world warriors. But developer Capcom found itself in hot water over features for the characters: R. Mika’s pre-special buttslap and Cammy’s crotch-shot intro animation were both dubbed unnecessarily sexual, leading to Capcom opting to pull the offending animations.

But now, a mere three days after Street Fighter V launched for the PlayStation 4 and PC, enterprising modders have managed to bring back the buttslap on the PC version of the game. A Reddit user calling himself “CENAWINSLOL” took to the popular website to announce that he had developed a patch re-integrating the cut content due to boredom. Posting on r/Kappa, a subreddit dedicated to the fighting game community, CENAWINSLOL warned that the mod was far from Capcom sanctioned, cautioning users from using the mod online, stating:

“I have no idea what Capcom’s official policy on mods like this are so I don’t know if you’ll be banned or not. Consider that a warning”

Cammy Street Fighter V

The mod, which can be downloaded from the r/kappa posting, simply replaces the “censored” animations found in Street Fighter V with the original, unaltered animations from the game’s somewhat rocky beta.

While the mod may seem silly, the decision to remove R. Mika’s patented derriere slap was met with derision among the fighting game community, with vocal fans declaring the change “silly” and “unnecessary.” Capcom has not stated if the racy animations were removed to avoid pushing Street Fighter V into M-Rated territory, but fans have rightfully pointed out that Capcom kept the game’s ridiculous breast physics intact (despite previously attributing the female fighter’s overly-bouncy bits to a “bug” that would be fixed), and still retained a T-Rating.

With Street Fighter V’s servers experiencing severe issues and the game’s paltry story mode drawing derision from gamers, CENAWINSLOL’s mod will at least give players (and buttslap enthusiasts) something to do until the game’s new content rolls out.

Source: Reddit (via Destructoid)