Street Fighter 5 Mod Adds Overwatch's Reaper as Playable Fighter


Yet another Overwatch character has make an appearance in Capcom's Street Fighter 5, thanks to the game's talented modding community. This time around, Reaper joins the fight, with a high quality texture added over the top of American fighter Charlie Nash.

Like Reaper, Nash has been brought back from the dead, making the character a good fit for Reaper's remodel. Both the shotgun-wielding offense hero and Nash also have the power of teleportation, which means that Reaper actually fits into Street Fighter 5 surprisingly well.

In the video above, PC Best Mods shows off some of Street Fighter 5's cinematic story mode, with Reaper taking Nash's place in several scenes. The two characters are a good match, seeing as Charlie Nash is much more ruthless and driven by anger in this story than he was in previous games. Now we just need a Soldier 76 skin for Guile.

Fighting game fans who play the latest Street Fighter title on PC have quite the choice of Overwatch characters to pick from at this point, as the game's modding community has seen Tracer, Mei, Sombra, D.Va, Reinhardt, and Roadhog added as playable characters. It's interesting to see how well many of the team-based shooter's characters fit in with Street Fighter's style, and we're hoping that Zenyatta/Dhalsim comes next.


In other Street Fighter related news, the recently added Thailand stage, which was made famous by Street Fighter 2, has been removed due to religious controversy. Two days after the stage's release, Capcom was forced to take the new area back down, due to M.Bison's Buddhist temple containing some insensitive religious material.

It's not the first controversy that the fighter has been subjected to, with early complaints leading to Rainbow Mika's butt slap being censored around the time of the game's release. What's more, a lot of fans were unhappy at the significant changes made to Cammy, with claims that the character's appearance was altered in order to make her more attractive.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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