One week after adding Overwatch‘s Tracer to Street Fighter 5, a community modder is at it again with an update that lets players play as Mei in place of R. Mika.

Overwatch and Street Fighter 5 are obviously games from two very different genres. That said, both Blizzard’s first-person shooter and Capcom’s brawler tend to attract gamers who are very competitive at heart. This overlap may help explain why at least one fan has worked to merge his love of both titles together.

Last week, player THEJAMK released a mod that adds Overwatch‘s Tracer to Street Fighter 5‘s roster, taking Cammy’s place in the game and copying all of her moves. After that mod was well-received by the community, THEJAMK went back to the lab and worked his magic again. Street Fighter 5 players can now play as Overwatch‘s Mei through a new skin for R. Mika.

Check out Overwatch‘s defensive specialist in action in the video below:

Mei using R. Mika’s voiceover is a little disconcerting at first and yet, somehow, it works. As with the Tracer mod, THEJAMK pretty much nails Mei’s costume, right down to the sturdy snow boots. That said, the mod’s creator noted on his Patreon page that Mei isn’t perfect, pointing out that a few of her gestures aren’t a perfect match for R. Mika. It’s unclear if additional updates to either Mei or Tracer will be coming down the pipeline in the future, but fans in the comments seem to appreciate this latest update.

That said, one would have thought that perhaps it would have been a better fit to have Mei as Cammy and Tracer as Mika. After all, Mika was part of a butt-related controversy after Capcom patched a butt-slap animation out of the game. Overwatch players will recall that Blizzard had to deal with a similar situation over the way Tracer’s butt looked in a supposedly sexualized pose.

For those looking for more Street Fighter 5 content from Capcom, Ibuki will be the next character added to the game. That update is coming later this week, along with a supplementary story mode. Street Fighter 5 has had a rough go of things since its launch, with the title selling far fewer copies than expected. Players have been upset by shaky server issues and a lack of overall content, with the current story mode able to be beaten in just a couple of hours. Hopefully, this upcoming patch will get things back on track.

Street Fighter 5 is out now on PC and PlayStation 4. The Mei mod can be downloaded from the THEJAMK’s Pateron page here.