Knowing that one of Street Fighter 5‘s biggest hindrances is its frustratingly slow load times, one Reddit user creates a game mod that nearly eliminates wait time altogether.

In the year since Street Fighter 5 first released, Capcom and the entire creative team have been hit with a few rough months (between May and September 2016) of poor sales and allegations that the game was incomplete upon launch, citing lack of content. While Capcom’s long-running fighting franchise has found success in many of its installments, packing a literal punch onto consoles across the globe, its most recent re-entry into the gaming world has left many fans underwhelmed and overstimulated by one slight snag in particular: lengthy load times. Fortunately for Street Fighter 5 enthusiasts, one player did some handiwork to develop and unveil a mod that extinguishes that very frustration.

Reddit user TOOLASSISTED created a mod for Street Fighter 5 that tackles head-on the load times many others have stamped as “abysmal” and “atrocious,” so much so that they view the waiting period one of the game’s largest issues that has affected its overall performance in sales and popularity. In a video posted on TOOLASSISTED’s YouTube channel, the Street Fighter 5-modding vigilante demonstrates the power of the mod.

The clip, as seen below, is hilariously titled “SFV U LOAD FAST LOL,” and it begins by showing viewers just how fast players can go from character selection to actual battle, which is almost instantaneous, and then quickly exit the game to choose another fighter and start over again. Compared to Street Fighter 5‘s previous snail-trail pace that conjured up a less-than-optimal reputation for the game, TOOLASSISTED’s mod is unbelievably quick.

Following the video’s release, TOOLASSISTED delved into some specifics regarding the process behind actually cutting down the load time and why they are so drawn-out in the first place. To tweak the loading times and vanquish mid-game boredom because of it, he altered only a single value. According to TOOLASSISTED himself, he unlocked and changed the character select user interface frame-rate from 60 FPS to 255 FPS. YouTube user SFV Mods Street Fighter V Mods uploaded a side-by-side video that compares the new mod to the standard load times.

This subtle shift seems to point to the notion that slow load times were an intentional choice made and implemented by Capcom, as it clearly indicates the game is capable of booting up a battle instantly, but simply doesn’t. Understandably, when players realized all their irritation comes down to a single game file value that can be easily controlled, they were left questioning Capcom’s motivations. While some argue that Street Fighter 5‘s infamous load times were left in to create a more level experience across consoles, others believe it might simply be down to an “admire the graphics” mindset.

Given the recent bumps in the road for Street Fighter 5, it would seem Capcom would set up to the plate and release some much-needed updates and tweaks to enhance current user experience and even attract new players. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as of right now. Many in the community have taken it upon themselves to make the title better rather than the actual developer taking responsibility. Fans have even gone so far as to develop and release mods that placed Overwatch‘s Mei in Street Fighter 5 and added an arcade mode to the game. Though this latest mod is a win for Street Fighter 5‘s players, it’s another dent in Capcom’s armor.

Street Fighter 5 released on February 16, 2016 for PC and PS4.