Valve Apologizes for Leaking Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters Early

Street Fighter V DLC Characters

Earlier this week, three upcoming DLC characters for Street Fighter 5 were leaked when a reveal trailer was published on Steam ahead of Capcom's original plans to make the announcement during the fighting game tournament, EVO 2019, taking place this weekend. Steam developer, Valve, has now issued a public apology for the leak and explained what exactly went wrong.

In a post on the Steam forums, Valve explained that there was a mix-up in the companies publishing process which caused the Street Fighter 5 trailer to go live ahead of the planned reveal this weekend. Valve went on to say that changes have already been made to the publishing process to ensure that this sort of mistake doesn't happen again in the future.

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Here's the full statement from Valve:

Dear Street Fighter V Fans,

On Wednesday of this week there was a mix-up in the publishing process at Valve that caused a trailer to go live on Steam ahead of schedule. The trailer includes the major reveal of Poison, Lucia, and E. Honda as characters joining the fighter roster.

It’s a regrettable and unintentional situation, and we have already implemented measures to prevent this error from happening again. We are fans of Street Fighter ourselves and we’re sorry for the error.

-The Steam Team

All three characters, which include fan favorites E. Honda and Poison, as well as a brand new character named Lucia, have now been officially revealed by Capcom and will be released in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition this weekend. Players will be able to purchase each character individually starting from August 4, the final day of EVO 2019, or alternatively as part of the "Summer 2019 Character Bundle" which will be available for purchase the following day.

Following the apology from Valve, fans quickly went online to comment on the leak. Surprisingly, many were quick to make some apologies of their own after expecting Capcom to have been the cause of the mistake, with comments like "Damn, I honestly feel bad for Capcom. This is the one time where a leak for one of their games wasn’t their fault." Other users on ResetEra had a more light-hearted approach, calling the leak a "Top 10 Anime Betrayals."

Leaks are always disappointing for everyone involved, particularly the development team at Capcom, who had likely planned the surprise for fans following the announcement that Street Fighter 5 wouldn't be closing EVO 2019. Regardless, players have been waiting for new characters to be released since Kage in December 2018 so as long as Valve doesn't mess up again, this will all blow over fairly quickly.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PC and PS4.

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