The video game publisher and developer Capcom continues to expand the roster of its fighting game, Street Fighter 5, by adding Kolin as a playable character.

Yesterday, Capcom declared it would give Street Fighter 5 fans something to look forward to by scheduling a new character reveal for today, but the publisher and developer didn’t offer any clues as to who would be joining the roster. As it happens, Capcom followed through on its promise and confirmed that Kolin is officially going to be the next DLC character making their way in to Street Fighter 5.

As seen below in the trailer courtesy of the official YouTube channel for all things related to Street Fighter, Capcom has slated to add Kolin to the fifth installment in the fighting game franchise later this month on February 28, 2017. Additionally, the studio also made good on its guarantee to promote rapper Lupe Fiasco‘s new song “It’s Not Design” from his forthcoming album Drogas Light, by including it in Kolin’s reveal trailer.

For those unaware of Kolin’s history with the Street Fighter franchise, the English-speaking Russian brawler made her debut in Street Fighter 3 by working for Gill as his ever-dedicated assistant. Per Capcom’s description of her backstory, traits, and abilities, “Kolin works behind the scenes in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha and stop any who dare stand in Gill’s way. She is typically calm and collected, but can suddenly fly into a rage when anybody threatens Gill and his plans. Spoiler-alert, she resurrects Nash and uses him as a pawn too, showing she will do anything to achieve her goals.”

As evidenced in the trailer above to mark her debut in Street Fighter 5, Kolin is able to manipulate the atmosphere to wield the power of ice, which lets her use “frigid” projectile blasts, as well as incredibly “deadly icicles.” Furthermore, she manages to hold her own in hand-to-hand combat by utilizing her mastery of the Russian martial art known as Systema, which is fundamentally rooted in the practice of using opponents’ momentum against them.



Fans who are impressed by Kolin’s moves should be happy to know that it won’t be long until the fighter’s story, premium battle, ice-cold move set, and nostalgia skins (as seen above) are to be included with the Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Character pass, which is set to sell for $30. Not only will the pass add Kolin as the first Season 2 DLC character, but also Akuma will join the roster alongside her, with four more fighters slated to be added sometime this year.

Taking all of this into consideration, it seems as if despite the fact that Street Fighter 5 sales missed Capcom’s target by a huge margin, the company is prepared for the long haul with post-launch content for the fighting game. As a matter of fact, Capcom has said previously that support for the game could last until the year 2020, which could potentially have developers packing Street Fighter 5 out with a plethora of new and familiar faces for years to come.

Street Fighter 5 is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.