Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Responds to 'Street Fighter V' PS4 Exclusivity

Street Fighter V - Ryu Charging Hadouken

Street Fighter V's early showing and subsequent official announcement came as a surprise to many last week, if only for the fact that the game will only release on the PS4 and PC. There was some doubt about the game's console exclusivity after a trailer leaked online, but both Capcom and Sony made sure to confirm at the PlayStation Experience that, yes, SFV's only console home will be the PS4.

In a situation such as this, where one group has something the other doesn't, everyone soon begins to wonder (if only a little bit) what the latter side has to say. So, naturally, fans took to Twitter to ask current Xbox Head Phil Spencer about Street Fighter V being on the PS4. Because why wouldn't you?

Spencer's answers to the various questions regarding the game pointed to the nature of business deals made within the industry, while also noting that the Xbox One already has a fighting game of its own to dish out. That game, of course, is Killer Instinct, which returned for a 'Season Two' in September.


In another response, the Xbox boss stated that, while he would like the Xbox community to have a shot at every game, SFV on PS4 creates competition, which he's come to value.


That said, it'd be foolish to think that Street Fighter V will be the only version of the game. Capcom's made 'Super' and 'Ultra' versions of previous SF titles, so there's no guarantee that a followup edition wouldn't be on PlayStation and Xbox hardware in the future. Capcom does love their re-releases. Of course, there's always the possibility that Microsoft has considered this already, because that's what competition does.

Looking at just 2015, however, Spencer reassured Xbox fans with another Tweet saying that more is coming to the Xbox One. Without going into specifics, there will be "surprises, announces and great games shipping" next year.

Street Fighter V releases for the PS4 and PC sometime next year, and will support cross-platform play between the two. Capcom intends to premiere the first live SFV match at Capcom Cup this weekend, on December 13, 2014.

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