Capcom Reveals Street Fighter 5 DLC Release Plans

street fighter 5 capcom reveals dlc release plans

A recent blog post from Capcom unveils the company's Street Fighter 5 DLC release plans, which include Character Story Mode costumes and Survival Mode.

The blog post, which details news that emerged a day earlier at a special Capcom-run pre-launch event in Japan, primarily discusses how Street Fighter 5 will approach its unique take on downloadable content. First and foremost, most of the early releases will be coming during the March 2016 update, just a month after the game's release. However, since Capcom revealed Street Fighter 5's DLC model, gamers have been curious about how it would be implemented, and if it would be as seamless as Capcom believed it to be. Whether or not gamers respond positively to the presence of fight money, though, they're going to have to do more than just daily quests to get some of the early DLC.

According to the post, Street Fighter 5's Character Story Mode will play a big role in what kind of extra content gamers will have access to in the early days after the title's release. After a Street Fighter 5 beta patch leaked alternative costumes, fans knew that they would eventually have the option to see their favorite fighters garbed in different clothing. As it turns out, aspiring brawlers will have to earn their heroes' alternate looks by completing that fighter's respective Character Story, which will then unlock that character's new costume for purchase within the in-game store.

Capcom also announced new details regarding the game's Survival Mode, which will see player's health and EX gauges carry over between a series of matches against the CPU. By clearing the four levels of Street Fighter 5's Survival Mode, gamers will gain access to new colors for character costumes, as well as in-game titles for the character that completed Survival Mode. The blog post also touched on Challenge Mode, which will function as a kind of crash course for those less familiar with the Street Fighter series or those looking to hone their skills.

street fighter 5 chun li alternate costume

Challenge Mode also appears to be where players will have the option to earn fight money through the completion of daily goals in the "Targets" sub-mode, while the other 3 sub-modes will offer in-game rewards and titles instead. It's certainly a refreshing take on the newest addition to the Street Fighter family, and Street Fighter 5 was already one of the most anticipated games of 2016 prior to the exciting news emerging from the pre-launch in Japan.

Capcom also took the time to confirm that fan favorite character Alex would be available to all Street Fighter 5 players in March. While he won't immediately be on the game's roster, completing just the Character Stories will give players enough fight money to purchase Alex for free through the in-game store once he's available. If Evil Ryu is returning in Street Fighter 5, however, Capcom has decided to save that bombshell announcement for another time.

Are you excited for Street Fighter 5 DLC? Did all your favorite characters make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

Street Fighter 5 will launch for PS4 and PC on Febrary 16, 2016 and will support cross-platform play.

Source: Capcom

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