Capcom Details Street Fighter 5 New Fighter DLC Plans

Street Fighter 5 DLC Plans

As gamers are now aware, a title's release is only the beginning of its lifecycle. These days, when a AAA video game is announced it's usually followed by some form of 6-month DLC plan that includes new story missions, new playable characters, or even new costumes, all at an extra price. In the case of Street Fighter 5, though, fans of the fighting game series don't have to worry about spending anything extra on the game.

A staple in the fighting genre, Street Fighter is a series that holds a lot of weight in the video game world. As a result, Street Fighter 5 could dictate the direction other fighters go, and the recently announced PS4 and PC exclusive is shaking things up once again.

Capcom announced today that the only purchase gamers will have to make for Street Fighter 5 will be the first one. The rest of the game's content, including all future DLC, will be either earned in-game or completely free. All content changes, such as character balance patches, will be accessible to everyone who already owns a copy of the game, ensuring competitive players will be able to keep up to date with the Street Fighter 5 competitive scene without having to constantly shell out money. The biggest news regarding Street Fighter 5, however, comes to its character line-up.

While other games like Mortal Kombat X have seen success asking gamers to pay a nominal fee for new DLC charactersStreet Fighter 5 will offer the ability to buy new fighters using an in-game currency called "Fight Money". For those who might not have the time to grind out "Fight Money," however, Capcom will also be offering "zenny", a premium in-game currency that carries a real price tag.

Details on how to earn Fight Money in-game and how much each character will cost are unavailable at this time, but this DLC model represents a significant change for Capcom. Known for releasing large bundles of DLC once or twice a year for most of their games, Capcom is looking to shake things up for its flagship fighting title. While the actual Street Fighter 5 character lineup is still somewhat of a mystery, it appears everyone will have a chance to play as any character they want.

Street Fighter 5 Ken Reveal Trailer

The impact of this kind of change will be huge. Players can now purchase new characters without having to spend any extra money, provided they are willing to put in the time to earn Fight Money. While people looking to skip that time investment can do so as well. Given the recent news that Capcom will be releasing classic Street Fighter character costumes, the Street Fighter 5 experience should be the franchise's most accessible and customizable.

Overall, this sort of strategy seems like a smart decision on Capcom's part. Will gamers agree? Do you think this kind of DLC model is appealing, and could we see it applied to other genres of games as well? Let us know in the comments below.

Street Fighter 5 will release in March 2016 as a PS4 and PC exclusive.

Source: IGN

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