Comic-Con 2015: Street Fighter 5 Adding Classic Costumes

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Without a doubt, fighting game fanatics are on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the arrival of Street Fighter 5. However, players who lack a PlayStation 4 and a PC are in for a sore surprise, for supposedly, the title won’t ever be made for the Xbox One. Even so, those of us lucky enough to jump back into the fray once Street Fighter 5 releases next year are surely in for some blistered thumbs, especially due to Capcom’s reveal regarding the return of maestro of the flaming shoryuken—Ken Masters—during a panel at San Diego’s Comic-Con 2015.

While many dedicated fans of the franchise are wondering which characters will be returning to Street Fighter 5, Capcom is keeping its lips sealed for the time being. However, gamers craving any kind of announcements related to the fighter are still in for a treat. While speaking with IGN during Comic-Con 2015, Capcom’s director of marketing and eSports, Matt Dahlgren, has confirmed that a bevy of classic costumes will be at one’s disposal at some point in the game’s release.

After being asked about players having the ability to don the retro duds, Dahlgren says:

“Of course! I mean, if you look at what happened with Street Fighter 4, there’s tons of variety in terms of costumes. We’ll definitely be doing that in the long run. . . . Those that want a classic Ken, I’m sure it’ll be in the pipeline at some point.”

Street Fighter V M Bison Grimace

This should come as good news for Street Fighter fans who may not be too keen on Capcom changing Ken’s costume from his iconic red karate gi to the looser, more modern open-robed garb that he will be sporting in Street Fighter 5. Plus, the feature will give the upcoming title a lot more replay value once the option is included in the gameplay.

Regardless, since very few fighters have been confirmed thus far, Dahlgren’s statement will surely lead to even more speculation as to which figures will also join the cast. For instance, many are speculating the inclusion of a few brawlers long-absent from the series after a recent report indicated four leaked characters that could possibly return to the franchise.

At any rate, perhaps fans will get a better idea of who else will be added to the roster once Street Fighter 5‘s exclusive PS4 beta becomes available later this month. No matter which characters make the cut, fans of the series will hopefully be pleasantly surprised once the title is released, especially since Capcom is promising that expectations will be exceeded.

Street Fighter V is set for release in the spring of 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. A PC beta is expected to be available sometime this fall, while the PS4 beta starts on July 24.

Source: IGN (via EventHubs and VG 24/7)