Video game publisher and developer Capcom promises to reveal a new character tomorrow for its fighting game on the PC and PlayStation 4, Street Fighter 5.

For those unaware, the Street Fighter franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and in order to commemorate the milestone, Capcom has teased it will offer up surprise reveals at either E3 2017 or San Diego Comic-Con 2017, but the publisher and developer has yet to provide any additional hints as to what they could be, or if they relate in any way to Street Fighter 5. Since little is known about what Capcom has planned for either of the two gaming and pop culture conventions, the company has decided to throw fans a bone by promising to reveal a new character for Street Fighter 5 tomorrow, February 9.

Capcom confirmed the news involving tomorrow’s character reveal for Street Fighter 5 in a tweet today, but it didn’t provide any additional details to give fans a clue as to who might be making their way onto the game’s roster. Even so, Capcom went on to announce that it will also premiere a new song from rapper Lupe Fiasco’s new album, Drogas Light, tomorrow as well in order to promote the record’s release this Friday, February 10.


For those unaware, Lupe Fiasco is not only a huge video game fan, but also an ardent Street Fighter 5 player as well, with the rapper beating Daigo Umehara – a professional arcade fighting video game player, that is – in a friendly match about a year ago. With this being the case, perhaps Capcom will partner with Lupe tomorrow to unveil the new character for Street Fighter 5 by debuting the new song alongside the fresh roster pick in a trailer, but such a claim is simply speculation at this point in time.

The last character to make their way into Street Fighter 5‘s cast was the series’ infamous villain Akuma, who brought his fierce fighting tactics to the game back in December of last year. As it happens, Akuma was given a major debut by way of a gameplay trailer at PlayStation Experience 2016, with Capcom having assured fans that five more characters are on the way for 2017, leading many to theorize who the initial reveal will be. Interestingly enough, some have offered bits of conjecture that the ice-powered Helen (AKA Street Fighter 3‘s Kolin), will be the first character revealed in 2017.

So, it stands to reason that tomorrow’s reveal for the next figure to be added into Street Fighter 5 will be the first of the five aforementioned mystery characters, with Capcom primed to present the rest as the year progresses. Not to mention, with Capcom having said in the past that post-launch support for the game could last until 2020, Street Fighter 5 fans might be in store for a plethora of new pugilists and combatants long after tomorrow’s reveal.

Street Fighter 5 is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.