Street Fighter 5 massively misses it sales targets as criticisms, including the game’s lack of content and server issues, discourage people from buying the title.

Prior to its release, PC and PS4 players were massively excited for Street Fighter 5. Not only would the game bring back fan favorite characters such as Birdie, R.Mika and, of course, Ryu, but fans were also eager to meet brand new characters such as the wild-haired Necalli and wind-wielding fighter Rashid. Moreover, Capcom also drew in fans by announcing that players would only need to buy the game once to be able to access all of the content. Instead of new versions of the title being released, the game used a DLC plan that would use microtransactions and in-game currency to make new characters available.

Unfortunately, it seems that this hype has not been enough to carry Street Fighter 5 to sales glory. Capcom has added the game to its list of “Platinum Titles” (games which have sold 1 million units or more), stating that as of March 31, Street Fighter 5 sold 1.4 million copies across both PC and PS4.

Capcom previously set a 2 million sales target for the game, meaning that Street Fighter 5 has missed that by over half a million units. And although Capcom’s latest financial report (in which it details its finances from April 2015 to the end of March this year) states that there has been an overall increase in sales and profit, the company will surely be disappointed in the performance of one of its major titles.

Street Fighter V Alex Launch Trailer

Something that likely contributed to the game’s under-performing sales is the fact that Street Fighter 5 has been heavily criticized for its lack of content, with some even going as far as to call the fighting game “unfinished”. Other examples of missing Street Fighter 5 content include the delay of its Zenny shop.

Zenny, the premium currency, was to be used to purchase characters but Capcom recently decided that the store wasn’t yet ready to launch. As a result, newly added characters such as Alex and Guile are only be available to players on a trial basis and they are unable to purchase them outright.

Street Fighter 5 still may be able to win over potential players, though, as Capcom has said that it is working hard to address the lack of content. The team is excited about “the two all-new single-player modes–character story and survival” and plans to fix server problems and more, so it will be interesting to see how many more people buy the game following these updates.

Street Fighter 5 is out now and is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Capcom Platinum Titles (via GameSpot)