Street Fighter 5 Player Wins Match With Booger Flick

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Towards the end of July, Capcom launched the Street Fighter 5 beta on PS4, giving console players their first chance at seeing what the upcoming fighting game was all about. Unfortunately, despite all of the hype surrounding the beta, Capcom’s servers were unable to cope with the amount of players beating virtual lumps out of each other and so the servers had to be taken down several times for maintenance. After maintenance periods failed to get the servers back on track, Capcom ended up postponing the beta altogether, promising that it would be back at a later date.

In the meantime, the company launched a Street Fighter 5 beta stress test, to do some extra analysis ahead of the beta’s full return. Going live in Europe on August 20 through to August 21 (with stress test also being planned for North America and Asia) this gave players in the region an extra chance to play the game, and more specifically, to test out returning character Birdie.

While Birdie isn’t completely new to the Street Fighter franchise, having last starred in Alpha 3 in 1998, a lot has changed in those 17 years and players have a lot to get used to. Birdie’s attacks include the ability to use his opponents as a jump rope, as well as ‘Break Time’ which is when Birdie consumes a can of beer or a hot pepper in order to give himself a strength boost. However, these aren’t the only moves of Birdie’s that do damage; he also has a (potentially fatal) booger flick.

This funny detail was discovered by German player MDZ Ricky when he jumped into the recent Street Fighter 5 stress test and streamed his match on Twitch. Playing as Birdie, MDZ Ricky quickly beats up his opponent, who is playing as Ryu, leaving the iconic Street Fighter character with just a sliver of health. Somewhat shocked that Ryu had managed to survive the attack, MDZ Ricky lets Birdie stand for a moment at the other side of the screen, this triggers Birdie’s ‘idle’ animation – a booger flick – which just happens to do a bit of damage. Just enough damage, it seems, to finish off Ryu and bag the player a K.O.

The win is certainly an impressive feat and it’s one that’s had some Street Fighter fans request a ‘booger nerf’ from Capcom, saying that in future, Birdie’s booger shouldn’t be able to do any damage as to prevent more events like these. Such a nerf seems incredibly unlikely, however, as ‘death by booger’ is so difficult to pull off. In order for someone to win in the same way that MDZ Ricky did, they’d have to get their opponent’s health down to –what seems to be – the lowest amount possible. So, even though some players will be angry at the power of the booger, this hilarious Easter egg will likely stay in the game for the foreseeable future.

Do you think that Birdie’s booger should be nerfed? Or should Capcom leave it in the game? Leave a comment and let us know.

Street Fighter 5 is expected to release in March 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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