A new beta update sees release for Street Fighter 5, with Capcom hinting to the launch of the game’s fourth and final testing period before releasing next month.

If you’ve already purchased your copy of Street Fighter 5, you’re eligible to take part in the game’s beta testing period. For all those of you who have the beta client installed from previous tests, you may have noticed the appearance of a large update that was made available to download yesterday.

The patch, version 1.08, is fairly large at 3.1GB in size and is supposed to prepare the client for the next beta testing period. Whilst Capcom has not yet announced the date of the next Street Fighter 5 beta, it’s a fair chance to say that it won’t be too long until the next test, judging by the scheduled release date. The size of the patch also indicates that we might see the addition of new playable characters becoming available with this beta update.

Street Fighter V Beta Roster Data-Mine

So far, the beta tests have been having some issues, with many players reporting connection issues during the game’s matchmaking. The first beta testing period had problems that were so severe that Capcom was forced to take down the game’s servers earlier than initially planned. It’s unlike modern games to have so many beta periods, so hopefully the number of trials that Street Fighter 5 is hosting means that the company is trying its best to ensure that the servers are fully functional, come February.

The latest betas have also allowed for both Ps4 and PC users to play cross-platform with each other, so presumably this beta will also incorporate this feature, which will also be part of the full game’s release. Street Fighter 5 will not be coming to Xbox One, a decision that is reportedly due to Microsoft’s reluctance to support cross-platform play. In order to access the beta, players must preorder the title on their respective platforms.

Street Fighter 5 Adds F.A.N.G. to the Roster

This beta is likely to be the last one before the game’s release and will be the fourth test in total. The game’s third beta came alongside the reveal of the game’s opening cinematic which shows the game’s currently revealed roster facing off against each other, as well as the villainous M.Bison and newcomer Necalli. Last month saw another exciting reveal: another newcomer named F.A.N.G. who will be joining the day-1 roster. Street Fighter 5 will also be host to a range of DLC characters which can be earned in game for free, or purchased earlier via the game’s season pass.

Street Fighter 5 will be available on February 16 for PC and PS4.