Second Street Fighter 5 Beta Test is Not Going Any Better than the First

By | 1 year ago 

Although, the second beta for Street Fighter 5 is experiencing similar difficulties to it’s predecessor, it will be staying up for the scheduled period.

It seems that the current Street Fighter 5 beta isn’t going any better than its predecessor as the recently launched public testing period is reportedly experiencing a number of matchmaking issues.

In a blog post, Capcom announced that the beta’s issue appeared immediately after the beta went live. Despite launching the multiplayer trial earlier than planned in an effort to optimize the experience, fans have reported that Street Fighter 5‘s beta has been struggling to find matches against other players.

Street Fighter 5 kick

Capcom employee and professional fighting game player, ComboFiend had this to say about the beta’s struggles:

“Unfortunately, several new issues arose last night in regards to our match-making system and the rate at which matches were made, and we are not confident that the matchmaking rate will improve significantly throughout the course of this beta period.”

Problems with the first Street Fighter 5 beta were so severe that Capcom was forced to take it down earlier than planned and relaunch it at a later date. Reportedly though, the company will be keeping the current beta up for its full scheduled length and ending on October 25th.

Capcom has stated that the experience will likely be limited and will not operate exactly as originally intended. Matchmaking will also likely take place very slowly but while players wait for online matches, they are able to access training mode, which has a range of new features that allow players to change the training dummy to be computer AI or be playable by a friend locally.

The current beta also allows for cross-platform matches, meaning that for the first time Street Fighter fans on PC can play against those on the PS4, though only from today until the 25th of October. In order to access the beta, players must preorder the game on their respective platforms. The game will never be coming to Xbox One, a decision that is allegedly due to Microsoft’s reluctance to support cross-platform play.

The schedule for the current beta period, including server maintenance and character unlocks can be found here. Though there are currently no revealed plans for a third Street Fighter 5 beta, Capcom have said it will “continue to periodically turn on our servers for players to access, so keep your eyes open for new opportunities to play more SFV.”

Street Fighter V does not currently have a confirmed release date, but Capcom has said that the game will be out during its current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2016. It will be available for PS4 and PC.

Source: Capcom