Street Fighter 5 Beta Updated With Story-Driven Tutorial

By | 12 months ago 

Capcom updates the Street Fighter V beta with a brand new story-drive tutorial, prompting speculation that a narrative-driven campaign might also be on its way.

The beta version of Street Fighter V has been updated with new content, and a video is circulating online that demonstrates a tutorial mode. Based on the footage, it seems that this training content might be used as a method of injecting some story-based content into the game.

We see Ryu thinking back to his initial training under Gouken alongside longtime rival Ken. This scene plays out via hand-drawn animations — although, given that Street Fighter V is still in development, this is likely to be a pre-vis placeholder that could be replaced once the completed game ships.

This timeframe roughly lines up with the era depicted in the Street Fighter Alpha sub-series, and as such Ryu and Ken resemble their designs from those games. Capcom has even included throwback character models for both fighters which are used once the brief cutscene gives way to in-game visuals.

What follows is a fairly typical tutorial sequence, which will be familiar to anyone who played through similar content in Mortal Kombat X or Killer Instinct. It’s a great inclusion for anyone newer to the genre, and will certainly make the game a lot more approachable than it would be without similar teaching tools.

However, expert players will likely be more interesting in the tutorial’s story content than its instructive qualities. The last two Mortal Kombat games have been highly praised for their extensive campaign offerings, and it could well be that Capcom is aiming to include a similar story-focussed mode in Street Fighter V.

Creating throwback character models seems like something that would appeal to veteran players — so it’s unlikely that they’re only going to be used in a beginner’s tutorial. If nothing else, a robust campaign could help players get to grips with the diverse roster of combatants that’s being assembled for the game.

At the bare minimum, expect to see these character models being offered as alternate skins, most likely as part of the game’s DLC schedule. It seems that microtransactions are here to stay in the industry at large, but fighting games in particular offer up plenty of opportunities for this sort of content.

Players enrolled in the Street Fighter V beta test can check out this tutorial for themselves right now. While the beta officially closed late last month, Capcom has taken to periodically re-opening the program to test out new content and features.

Street Fighter V is set to launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16, 2016.

Source: Gamespot