Street Fighter 5 Beta Experiencing Online Matchmaking Problems [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Capcom has since offered an update on the beta’s status, stating that the game will be taken offline for an undetermined amount of time as it undergoes continued maintenance.

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Street Fighter is one of the best known and most popular series in all of gaming and Street Fighter 5 is looking to keep that going. One of the new things that Street Fighter 5 introduces is the ‘V-Gauge’, which replaces focus and lets players pull off V-Trigger, V-Several and V-Skills moves. Some examples of the V-Gauge in action include Ryu’s ability to parry and M. Bison’s ability to deflect projectiles.

This brand new gameplay mechanic, along with newly introduced characters (such as the wild-haired brawler Necalli) will take some mastering. So, it’s no wonder why many fans are eager to get their hands on Street Fighter 5 and get a head start on other players before the game’s early 2016 release date.

Thankfully, fans will indeed have the chance to play Street Fighter 5 before release with a beta program. Announced during E3 2015, it was revealed that the beta would be available on PS4 first with a PC beta test at a later date. While getting into the PC beta will be simple enough (fans just have to pre-order the game from Steam), getting into the Street Fighter 5 beta on PS4 was slightly more difficult as fans had to sign up on the Street Fighter website, but even then, beta access wasn’t guaranteed.

The beta was scheduled to begin on PS4 last night, but the lucky few that did manage to get in will be disappointed as the beta has been hit with technical problems. Within just a few hours of going live, users began to report issues en masse. Some beta testers began to complain that they were unable to log in, while others said that when they were able to log in, matchmaking issues meant that they couldn’t play anyway.

On a positive note, Capcom is already on the case. Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter 5, took to Twitter to apologize to players for the delay, while a series of tweets from the Street Fighter Twitter confirmed that the game’s servers would be going down to undergo maintenance. That maintenance period does appear to be over now, and the servers should be accessible for full matches, but Capcom has said that they are “aware of the reported server issues and will continue to investigate” so the beta may be a little rocky still.

Additionally, the Street Fighter Twitter has confirmed that the beta will be extended by one day to make up for the delay. That will be good news to many players but some have expressed concerns, saying that if the game’s servers can’t handle the weight of a closed PS4 beta, how will it be able to handle cross-platform play between PC and PS4 players once the game goes live? There are still a few months until release though, so hopefully everything will be sorted out by then.

Street Fighter 5 is expected to release in March 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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