Street Fighter 5’s third Beta is going live on Friday, and here are all the available pre-order deals for the Steam version of the game.

At the stroke of midnight, 12:01 AM PST on December 18th, the closed Street Fighter V‘s Beta is on. Entry is gained by pre-ordering, and while paying $60 on Steam is probably fine for a die hard fan of the series, there are cheaper ways to do it from authorized Capcom retailers.

Perhaps your best bet may be popular digital retailer Green Man Gaming, where their 20% off coupon cuts over $14 off the $60 list price. GMG is known for fast delivery of keys (in most cases instant delivery). No matter the retailer you choose below, all of them includes access to tonight’s phase 3 beta, and will also include the “Chung-Li Battle Costume” pre-order bonus.

Just a note that GMG’s 23% off coupon will expire fairly soon: tomorrow morning December 18 at 9 AM Pacific time. We’ve been told that the coupon will be lowered to 20% off and will update this accordingly when that happens. [Update: Code has been changed to the 20% off, bringing the game to $48 at GMG].

The Street Fighter V Beta will only run through Sunday, December 20th. There will also be two server 10-hour maintenance windows during the beta. Here’s the full schedule as published by Capcom-Unity:

  • 12/18 00:01 PT (12/18 08:01 GMT) – SFV 3rd beta starts for PS4 and PC users
  • 12/18 08:00 PT (12/18 16:00 GMT) – Servers down for 10 hour maintenance
  • 12/18 18:00 PT (12/19 02:00 GMT) – Servers back online, play resumes
  • 12/19 18:00 PT (12/20 02:00 GMT) – Servers down for 10 hour maintenance
  • 12/20 04:00 PT (12/20 12:00 GMT) – Servers back online, play resumes
  • 12/20 22:00 PT (12/21 06:00 GMT) – SFV 3rd beta concludes

Street Fighter V will release on February 16 for North America/Europe; and February 18 for Japan. The game will be available on PS4, PC, and confirmed for SteamOS support earlier this morning. As release gets closer, we expect a bit more options in terms of pre-order bonuses for the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Check back in a few weeks for a full round-up of Street Fighter V pre-order deals.