A brand new trailer for Street Fighter V hypes up the addition of championship boxer Balrog, who is set to join the game’s roster in a matter of days.

Capcom’s plan to flesh out Street Fighter V via downloadable content might not be going completely according to plan, but the schedule in place does ensure that engrossed players receive a steady flow of content. Now, the studio has released a trailer promoting the next character to join the fray.

Balrog is a veteran of the Street Fighter series, having first being introduced as a boss character in Street Fighter II. Now decked out with a robe over his traditional boxing attire, he’s never looked as much of a contender as he does in his latest appearance.

Of course, the version of Balrog in the Western version of the game shouldn’t be confused with the character given the name in Japan. There, the boxer character is given the name M. Bison, in a reference to Mike Tyson — but concerns over the legal ramifications of this nod caused several fighters to be renamed when Street Fighter II was released internationally.

However, despite the last-minute name change, Balrog has gone on to become one of the most iconic members of the Street Fighter roster. Given that his boxing offence focusses squarely on punches, his fighting style is an interesting contrast to the martial arts practiced by other fighters in the game.

That being said, it’s interesting to see that Balrog has been chosen for inclusion ahead of some other very popular characters. In terms of the classic Street Fighter II cast, it’s strange that Blanka, E. Honda, and Sagat are all yet to be added to Street Fighter V.

We don’t know exactly what Capcom’s long-term plans for Street Fighter V DLC is, especially given that the game has missed targets set by the studio. It’s fair to expect that we would see more characters added in the future, but at present that are only two announced fighters left to be added.

Those two combatants are teased at the end of the Balrog trailer, although there’s little more than a fleeting glimpse of each new character. We see taekwondo practitioner Juri, before a brief shot of Street Fighter III debutant Urien — who seems to have made the decision to start fighting in clothes, rather than just a pair of pants.

Balrog will join Street Fighter V alongside Ibuki as part of an update scheduled for July 1. This content drop is also expected to contain the game’s long-awaited story mode.

Street Fighter V is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: GameSpot