One Street Fighter 5 player is working on a mod that will finally add arcade mode to the game, saying that they hope it convinces Capcom to introduce the mode officially.

When Street Fighter 5 was released in early 2016, many criticized the game for feeling unfinished, saying that it was incredibly lacking in terms of gameplay content. Although Capcom has said that it is working hard to address these concerns, with the Street Fighter 5 story mode being a prime example, fans still aren’t satisfied with the available modes. Many players are also asking for an arcade mode, noting that the mode has been a staple of the fighting game series.

Having the same issue with the game, one modder is now working to make Street Fighter 5 arcade mode a reality. A former game designer, the arcade mode modder (Resvrgam) has released a gameplay video of the mode in action, explaining that the “mod is a combination of scripting sequences of CPU opponents in Versus Mode and adding in some new UI elements to accommodate the Arcade Mode’s dependencies (a Continue Screen, etc.)” The PC-only development is not yet available to download, though, and it’s unclear when the mod will be released.

But while many Street Fighter 5 mods exist just for player enjoyment (such as the mod that adds Overwatch characters) Resvrgam is actively trying to get a response from Capcom. The modder says that they hope that “Capcom sees this mod and is convinced that there’s a viable market for investing into the Arcade Mode for Street Fighter V.” The modder also says that the lack of an arcade mode, and Capcom’s decision to ‘ignore’ the “filthy casuals” (casual players as described by Resvrgam) is one of the reasons why Street Fighter 5‘s sales have been so poor.

According to files found by a fan in a Street Fighter 5 patch in October, it seems that Capcom may already be working on an arcade mode. However, the company hasn’t made an announcement, and officially the only new gameplay content on the way for the game comes in the form of more Street Fighter 5 characters, with pre-orders for the game’s next character season pass going on sale late last month.

It should be noted that Capcom has suggested that it plans to support Street Fighter 5 until 2020, meaning that it could get around to adding arcade mode eventually, even if its current plans for doing that are unclear. But, the fact that Capcom hasn’t addressed these calls for an arcade mode at all is a prime reason why fans feel the need to spend their free time making mods for the game – rather than just playing it as originally intended – in order to force the company’s hand.

Street Fighter 5 is now available for PC and PS4.