Street Fighter 5 Akuma Gameplay Trailer, New Season Pass Revealed


Capcom reveals a new Akuma gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 5 at PlayStation Experience 2016, also confirming that five other "completely new" characters will come in 2017.

At the Red Bull Battlegrounds event earlier this year, executive producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that Akuma would be coming to Street Fighter 5. Although the character's announcement trailer was all too brief, it was more than enough to get fans excited and looking forward to getting to play as Akuma for themselves.

At PlayStation Experience 2016, Capcom revealed even more details about the character, saying that Akuma will be added to Street Fighter 5 on December 20. In addition to being "burlier" than in previous Street Fighter games, Akuma also has a "wide array of destructive tools" at his disposal, including "quick footwork and devastating combos." A post on the Capcom blog states that the new Street Fighter 5 character can "out-class" opponents with "oppressive pressure."


Akuma's abilities, which can be seen in the new gameplay trailer above, include his V-Skill Rakan (a defensive stance, parry and upward kick/palm strike) and V-Trigger Dohatsu Shoten (more powerful Gohadokens and a ground slam following his Goshoryuken). Additionally, Critical Art moves Sekia Koretsuha (a seriously powerful palm slam) and Shun Goku Satsu (in Dohatsu Shohen mode Akuma grabs his foe and hits them with "devastating strikes") can deal major damage.

Street Fighter 5's Akuma update, which also includes his story content and the Premium Battle and Nostalgia outfits, aren't the only things that players have to look forward to, as Capcom has also revealed that five other characters will follow Akuma in 2017. A season pass to unlock all six characters as they're released goes on sale December 20 for $29.99. Season pass holders get an exclusive PS4 theme too.


There's currently no word on who these Street Fighter 5 characters will be, but Capcom describes them as "completely new." This seems to suggest that they will be fresh to the franchise like new character Laura, rather than a returning face like wrestler R. Mika.

While the positive response to the Akuma gameplay trailer is expected from fans, there's also the suggestion that this could bring in new players too. Street Fighter 5's sales haven't exactly been great, but the announcement of new DLC could help win doubters over and even impress those who initially wrote off the game and its lack of content at launch. A competitive game like this one needs fresh blood so that players at every skill level can continue to test their abilities. So, enticing new players is absolutely vital for Capcom going forward.

Street Fighter 5 is now available on PC and PS4.

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