Street Fighter 5 to Receive 3 More New Characters

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Having been around since 1987, the Street Fighter series has several iconic characters, so certain cast members would have been a no-brainer for Capcom when they put together the Street Fighter 5 roster. These are characters like Ryu with his Hadoukens, Ryu’s best friend (and rival) Ken Masters, and Chun-Li with her powerful kicks capable of obliterating any enemy’s health bar.

But these well-known faces will also be joined by brand new and returning characters (who’ve not been in an SF game for a while) as well. For example, British punk rocker Birdie will be in Street Fighter 5 after not having been in a Street Fighter game since 1998’s Alpha 3. He has already made an impact on fans, most notably with the fatal booger flick that one player pulled off during the recent beta test. Then there’s the likes of R. Mika (Rainbow Mika), a wrestler from Japan who can team up with her tag partner Nadeshiko for her special moves, and then there’s the new character Necalli whose wild hair is coupled with a totally wild fighting style.

There seems to be a good mix of characters in all, but with just 10 names confirmed for the game so far, and the game set to be released in March, 2016, there are obviously quite a few faces that need to be announced. When Street Fighter 5 launches, 16 characters will be available to fans and in an interview with GameSpot at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Street Fighter brand director Matt Dahlgren has revealed that three of those yet-to-be announced fighters will be completely new Street Fighter characters.

Street Fighter V - Chun Li

Dahlgren explains that “the roster discussion is probably the most intense one internally before the game comes out” and that the end result is really going to be a roster that’s unlike Street Fighter 4. It’s got its own unique flavor to it. On the one hand, this is brilliant news for those who may have grown bored with the existing crop of characters and may feel as though they need a new challenge and a new crop of fighters to master, but for others they may fear that these new characters will be too overpowered. As was the case with the aforementioned Birdie booger situation, even the slightest gameplay features can upset fans and have them asking for nerfs.

What is positive, however, is the fact that Dahlgren says that the Street Fighter team has consulted “experts” as well polling fans to see which characters they’d like. Plus, he says that “if your character didn’t make it in now, we are going to be revealing post-launch characters.” This should help minimize any backlash from the Street Fighter community and as Dahlgren noted, Capcom will be supporting the game with plenty of post-launch fighters and other content, which means that fans won’t have to buy any new editions of the game (e.g Ultra or Turbo HD) in order to gain access to it.

Street Fighter 5 arrives for PlayStation 4 and PC in March 2016.

Source: GameSpot