iPhone 'Street Fighter IV' Sales to Benefit Earthquake Victims

Street Fighter 4 iPhone Sale Benefits Earthquake Victims

Do you have an iPhone? Do you want to play one of the best arcade fighters on the go? Most importantly, do you want to help the earthquake/tsunami victims of Japan? Well, I have some excellent news for you. For the next week, Capcom is giving all of the proceeds from the  sale of Street Fighter IV on iPhone to the earthquake relief in Japan. The cost is only 0.99 cents, and it's for an extremely worthy cause.

This isn't the first time that gaming has been used to benefit a worthy cause. Back in February, all the proceeds from the Pink Knight Pack for Castle Crashers went to Breast Cancer Research. Last year, Penny Arcade's personal charity Child's Play raised $2,294,317 through numerous gaming related events. For the earthquake victims of Haiti, Microsoft and Turn 10 studios donated $10 to Save the Children's Haiti relief effort for every download of the VIP Membership Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 3. Gaming does give back.

Earlier this week several titles were delayed after the tragedy in Japan, which seems entirely appropriate in the wake of this disaster. Taking advantage of this offer is a great way for concerned gamers to help -- you get a cool game (that's honestly worth more than a buck) and you're providing relief to the same country that is responsible for many of the titles and consoles that we have all loved, and will continue to play.

Japan's recent tragedy does make you wonder how the future development of  games will be affected. Will other releases be pushed back, or even be halted from seeing the light of day, as with the recently cancelled Disaster Report 4? But for right now, none of that takes priority over the country that has given us all of this gaming awesomeness, getting back on it's feet.

Due to the current events in Japan, are there any titles that you guys are worried about? Will you be buying Street Fighter IV for iPhone to help out the relief efforts?

Street Fighter IV for iPhone is available now from the Apple App Store.

Source: Joystiq

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