A new mod surfaces that allows Street Fighter 5 players to play as Tracer from Overwatch within the game, who replaces Cammy in the roster.

Street Fighter 5 and Overwatch are obviously two very different games: one is a wildly successful team-based shooter, and the other is an arcade-style fighting game that missed its sales target by a dramatic margin. That being said, the two titles evidently contain a demographic of fans who are enjoying both games, and one talented fan has now found a way express his interest in Overwatch within the confines of Street Fighter 5.

This fan has created a modification which brings Overwatch‘s Tracer into Street Fighter 5, though she replaces veteran roster character Cammy to do so. In the video below, gamers can check out Tracer’s hand-to-hand fighting moves as she spin-kicks her way through a few rounds, a skillset copied straight from Cammy’s repertoire. The modification looks very polished, with Tracer blending in very well with the other characters of the game.

Though the modification replaces Cammy in the game’s roster, one would have thought that a character who garnered plenty of controversy over a supposedly sexualized butt pose should befittingly take the place of Mika instead. Mika had her own bout of butt controversy a few months ago, with Capcom removing a butt-slapping animation from the scantily-clad character shortly ahead of Street Fighter 5‘s release. To the surprise of almost no one, someone quickly produced a modification to include the butt slap once again. Tracer also had her controversial butt pose officially removed, with Blizzard putting in a new over-the-shoulder victory pose in lieu of any sexualized butts.

Though the modification is obviously unofficial, this isn’t the first time Tracer has jumped over to a different game series. The time-jumping adventurer was added to the Heroes of the Storm roster a few months ago, where she was free to anyone who pre-ordered Overwatch and made available for purchase for those who didn’t. The move makes a lot of sense coming from Blizzard, as it’s an easy opportunity to promote one of their new brands to an existing audience of potential buyers – though it’s unlikely Overwatch ultimately needed any help becoming a fan-favorite title.

For those not interested in modifying the game, Capcom recently revealed that Ibuki would be added to the roster this June, in tandem with the planned supplementary story mode. We’ll keep you posted as Capcom continues to make amends with fans who were disappointed with the lack of content.

Interested fans can download the modification here from the modder’s own Patreon page.

Street Fighter 5 is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: YouTube