Streamer Banned From Twitch for Smashing Keyboard Against His Face

Twitch streamer Dellor has reportedly been banned indefinitely following a violent incident on his stream in which he broke a keyboard against his own face. The ban was apparently for "Self-Harm." The incident has reportedly led to a severe depressive state for Dellor, with moderators in the Twitch streamer's Discord claiming he has since been taken to the hospital. Dellor stated this his ban was indefinite, likely due to his controversial Twitch channel being on probation after a prior incident.

Dellor is a former Overwatch professional player and currently plays Apex Legends competitively. It was during an Apex Legends match live on-stream after  Dellor was eliminated that the incident took place. In an angry and violent reaction, Dellor took his keyboard and swung it against his own face. He then placed the keyboard against the top of his head and pressed on its ends, breaking the keyboard. Dellor then smashed the pieces of the keyboard against his desk and in his hands.

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Following his Twitch ban, Dellor posted to Twitter regarding his indefinite ban. Dellor says that he was "banned indefinitely for 'self harm' for breaking a keyboard on stream." The streamer then explained that he's "broken hundreds of them" before, including over his head, and that he buys them specifically because they're cheap and fragile. He then posted an image of his face to show that there are no scratches, with Dellor then confirming that he was appealing the ban.

From there, however, things got worse for Dellor. In a longer post on Twitter, Dellor wrote that he had been "depressed for months" and did "everything I could to change." Dellor went on to make several statements insinuating that he was considering further self-harm. As previously noted, Dellor's family was reportedly notified and helped the Twitch streamer seek help.

Dellor has had an unfortunately controversial past, both with Twitch and his career as a professional esports player, which has seen him lose his eSports contract, Partnered status on Twitch, and even resulted in a probationary period. In 2019 Dellor was banned from Twitch after making a sexist taunt to a woman on his team in Apex Legends, which is what caused the aforementioned probation. It was set to end October 1, the day Delor was banned for Self-Harm.

The situation is obviously unfortunate. But Dellor is receiving help and will hopefully continue to do so. Twitch has yet to provide a statement, but likely will not as it doesn't often provide commentary on specific bans.

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