Console developers really like touting their technology, but they especially enjoy touting their technology through their technology. Microsoft did it with their Xbox One reveal through the Xbox 360, with disastrous results for some — due to the Kinect picking up on verbal cues during the presentation and stopping the live-stream — and now Sony wants to do the same. They have announced plans to stream the E3 2013 Press Conference on their handheld system: the PlayStation Vita.

We’re assuming this is meant to make the press conference more accessible to people without computers, those who can’t be bothered to sit and watch, or for that small niche of consumers who enjoy squinting a lot. Joking aside, it’s always nice to see events typically reserved for industry and press eyes only to become (somewhat) available to the pubic — the event is really for them, after all. While the press will receive a more intimate experience, the public can get a taste of the thrill we feel when something new is announced for the first time. How many joyful squeals will this press conference garner? It’s hard to tell, but fans won’t be waiting too long to find out.

SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton dropped the news on the publisher’s website stating Sony is “finalizing plans now” and that platform owners will “be able to watch the show somewhere, somehow on your Vita“. Your guess is as good as our as to what that means exactly, but the bottom line is that the conference will be streaming via la Vita.

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference

As to what we should expect from the press conference, well, let’s just say that Sony has probably taken a few notes from the Xbox One event debacle. While some were pleased with the presentation, it’s hard to ignore the out pour of negative criticism to not only subjects like fees for used games and little support for indie developers, but also on the event itself being too focused on the technological aspects of the console and its ability to play TV — something that was strangely a large focus of the show. Though, that dog at the end was the best, wasn’t it?

Microsoft has certainly been changing their tune since the event, backpedaling on some of these issues. But it might be too little, too late for some. Now it’s up to Sony to take advantage of the situation by listening to that feedback and then applying what they learn to the PS4.

We’ll see what they come up with on June 10th. Maybe a next-gen cat?

So, readers, what are you expecting to see from the PS4 in June? Will you be watching on your Vita?

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Source: Polygon