Twitch Streamer Sets Record For Most Hours Streamed in 30 Days

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Twitch streamer Seansstream has set a new record for hours streamed within a 30-day period. The content creator smashes the previous record of 570 hours by finishing with 595 hours when all was said and done.

Based out of Germany, Seansstream is sure to generate a ton of attention thanks to his achievement. The content creator averaged 20-hour streams per day, but split them in a less conventional way. Some streams went on for over 24 hours (the longest single broadcast tallied 36 hours), while others were much shorter.

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The record that Seansstream set out to break is unlikely to be touched for some time. Tuning in to any of the streams during the record attempt highlighted how unhealthy sleep deprivation can be. And unfortunately, for Seansstream, the Guinness World Records does not recognize accomplishments like this that are unhealthy.

Coincidentally, another Twitch streamer named GiantWaffle sought out to break the record of 570 hours at the beginning of the month by streaming for 19 hours every day in November. He eventually caught wind of Seansstream’s goal but kept to his schedule and saw it as an accomplishment more than anything else. For now, he will have to settle for second place.

Some choose to pursue a record like this for the notoriety while others do it for the revenue potential. Long streams and consistency are some of the cornerstones for success on Twitch and any other streaming platform. Many streamers rarely take days off in their regular schedule and they try to broadcast for close to 8 hours. Taking those ideas to an extreme can be seen as lucrative for the streamer, but it’s also extremely unhealthy.

Plenty of gamers have died for putting themselves through less rigorous circumstances and they didn’t do it in pursuit of a record. One League of Legends player died while gaming for 23 hours straight, but other circumstances (a pre-existing heart condition and weather) contributed as well.

It’s important to clarify that the record is for a 30-day period of streaming and not hours streamed in a month. Many streamers select November for the record attempts because of the timing (holiday hours generate a lot more views) and the ease of a clean start and end. In reality, though, a streamer could start at any point in the year, as long as they only count 30 consecutive days.

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