Stranger Things Game from Telltale in Development

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Netflix made a special announcement today, revealing plans to bring adventure games from Telltale Games to its subscription service. As part of the reporting of the announcement, another major reveal was uncovered. Telltale is also partnering with Netflix to create a new game based on its hugely popular Stranger Things series. More information regarding both Telltale's partnership with Netflix and the in-development Stranger Things game should be forthcoming soon.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most successful original TV shows on its subscription service, with two seasons available to watch now and a third in production. The show, which mixes horror, sci-fi, and supernatural elements within the setting of 80's small-town life, has won over 45 awards and helped spur the modern wave of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy television shows. Stranger Things is very much a hot property, and Telltale isn't the first company to pursue a license to make games based on the show.

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In late 2017, Netflix in partnership with BonusXP released a small Stranger Things game project for iOS and Android devices. Stranger Things: The Game is available for free and is heavily influenced by retro games from the 80s like The Legend of Zelda. Shortly after the release of Stranger Things: The Game on mobile, Sony announced a PS4-exclusive Stranger Things game in development for PlayStation VR. Stranger Things by Telltale Games would be the third official spin-off game for the franchise, but certainly isn't going to be the last.

Telltale Games is currently working on two other projects: the final season of The Walking Dead and a second season of The Wolf Among Us. A second season of the Game of Thrones game was put on hold as Telltale shifted internal priorities in 2017. A Stranger Things game release from Telltale would likely be some time off, late 2019 at the earliest if Telltale makes it a major priority. Though there's always the possibility that Telltale's been keeping the project a secret and plans to start releasing it alongside the relatively-soon-to-release Stranger Things third season.

Stay tuned for more information of Telltale's Stranger Things project in the months to come.

Telltale's Stranger Things has no currently announced release window or supported platforms.

Source: Tech Radar

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